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Book Review: How to leverage your degree

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Written by Mayah Cantave, College Life Editor

Life after college can be nerve-wracking. The unknown is a scary place. Not knowing whether you’ll have a job after college or knowing whether your made the right decision with your degree can stress anyone out. Students spend thousands of dollars for a degree and are unsure of how to use that degree to land the job that they want.

S.A. Eberwein has tons of inside information and tips for how to find a job or career after college. In his book, “Cash Your Investment: How to Leverage Your College Degree into a Great First Job,” Eberwein gives you steps and the tools you’ll need to survive after graduation.

First, Eberwein discusses how to get in the right mind state for your job search. He states that framing your mind is the most important piece to a job hunt. Eberwein uses an example of his colleague who was afraid to talk to women to show why you should conquer your mind.

“Embracing a confident, buoyant inner disposition forecasts optimal prospects for success,” said Eberwein. Focusing your mind will help you land you the job you want.

Secondly, chapter 2, “Utilizing a Mentor,” is about asking for help. A mentor can share personal experience, expertise and insight on searching for jobs after graduation. “You mentor instills confidence,” said Eberwein in regards to why you should obtain a mentor. Your mentor will do more than cheer you on; your mentor will give you perspective, help with resumes and interviews and ensure you have all the tools you could possibly need to succeed.

Thirdly, Eberwein discusses how to plan your attack for your job search. This is the longest chapter of the book, broken down into seven subsections. Eberwein discusses networking and how to use your contacts and connections to help with your search. “Map out a cohesive overall strategy ahead of time, and adhere to it without deviation,” said Eberwein.

Fourth, in chapter 4, “Interview Effectively,” Eberwein tells you how to handle your interviews. He discusses how interviewees should do their homework and learn about the job before walking into an interview. Eberwein also believes you should do a mock interview with your mentor to help you practice.

Lastly, chapter 5’s “Craft a Superior Resume,” focuses on just that; building your resume. Eberwein explains what needs to go in a resume, things that are unnecessary in a resume, and how to stand out. Eberwein also provide examples of sample resumes to help future graduates as well.

This book is for those who are unsure of their future and need/want to have a leg up on the competition. This book is also for those who need help crafting a plan to get a job after college. It’s okay to ask for help, especially if you’re trying to land your dream job. Eberwein tells readers to “seize the initiative” and to never settle. S.A. Eberwein gives you the tools needed to “Cash Your Investment.”

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