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Blazer Sports Grille garnering mixed reviews

The Bar Sports Grille is one of the many newly renovated services on campus. (Photo Credit: Bryce Ethridge/THE SPECTATOR)

Written by Bryce Ethridge, Staff Writer

The Blazer Sports Grille is one of VSU’s newest additions to campus. It’s replaced the buffet-style of its predecessor, Hopper, with an actual restaurant where you wait to be seated and get a set amount of food based on what you ordered.

The new additions to the dining area include renovated floors, two pool tables, a ping pong table, one sofa and multiple flat screen HD TVs that surround the entire restaurant. Another addition is the Coca-Cola freestyle machines, which include a small amount of what an average freestyle machine usually entails but seem quite repetitive in taste. Some advice: If you want a good flavor to drink, you might want to get there early.  It was a good idea when it first came up, but does it continue to be a good idea.

With Palms dining hall closing at 7 p.m., customers have to wait in long lines to get in, and those who are already in have to wait for their food in order to eat.

So is Blazer Sports Grill worth the trade-off of Hopper Dining Hall?

Ebony Hunter, senior supervisor, said they brought the Grill here to provide something different and to add variety to the campus.

“I’ve gotten many compliments on the food; that it tasted way better than it did before,” Hunter said. “But it’s all a work in progress, so it’s getting better every day.”

Regarding any upcoming changes, Hunter said she wasn’t sure, but there will be upcoming events and “treats” for the customers. Her closing remarks were that everyone should give it a chance and everything is a work in progress.

Multiple students have said that they don’t appreciate having to spend a minimum of 10 dollars to eat or waiting until 7 p.m. for the meal exchange. Jatavius Williams, sophomore, said he wanted Hopper back for its open late buffet-style serving.

Opinions will continue varying, but everyone should give Blazer Sports Grille a try.

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