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Top 5 Classic Halloween Movies

Photo Illustration: Kayla Stroud/THE SPECTATOR

Written by Shanice Barnes, Staff Writer

Halloween is a time to dress up and release your alter ego, kick back and have fun. It’s also the time to dust off those old scary movie DVDs of yours, pop it in the DVD player and try to be brave while you watch with friends. When I think of great Halloween movies I instantly think of old classics, because they tend to be the best ones in my opinion. Check out my top 5 picks of classic cringe-worthy Halloween movies.


This 1978 film tells the story of a young six year-old sociopath named Michael Myers, who stabs his sister to death while dressed in a clown costume. Michael is then taken to a mental hospital where he spends 15 years before he escapes and returns back to his town to go on a killing spree.


This 1960 black and white film will certainly take you by surprise. It follows a young woman who was asked to deposit money from her job but then decides to steal it. She makes her way to the Bates Motel which had 12 vacant rooms. You would think that would be a red flag to her, but she proceeded to check in.  This is definitely a classic movie where the reoccurring screeching music sound derived from. The suspense will leave you at the edge of your seat, so be ready for a dramatic twist in the end.

Nightmare on Elm Street:

Imagine having a dream that someone is hurting or trying to kill you and waking up with a bruise on your arm, pretty concerning huh? Well that’s exactly what “Nightmare on Elm Street” is about. Freddy Krueger, a viscous killer is on the loose in this 1984 film. The worst part about it is no one can really help you because he gets inside your head and tortures you when you’re sleeping. Find out the horror of Freddy’s ways in this film. This is definitely a cringe worthy movie so you might not want to watch it alone.

The Blair Witch Project:

The 1999, “Blair Witch Project” is a horror movie that is filmed in the style of a documentary. I first watched this movie with my younger sister, and we were scared for weeks. This story follows three young film makers in the woods while they search for the mythical Blair Witch. They did a very good job with this film making it look like a documentary.


Hocus Pocus:

I know I promised cringe worthy movies, but you have to throw a not so scary Halloween movie in the bunch every now and then; that’s just what “Hocus Pocus” is. It’s the tale of three young witches who come back alive on Halloween night all because a virgin lit a very special candle. This movie is a great to watch after you see those really scary ones.

These Halloween Movies are sure to leave you satisfied, but remember to proceed with caution. Be sure to watch with friends to avoid being extremely scared.

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