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Enactus offers students networking opportunities

Written by Eboni Register, Staff Writer

Enactus is a student organization on campus that focuses on community service and networking at VSU.

Enactus has grown throughout the years in regards to what they’re doing and the amount of active members. According to campus connect, there are over 300 individuals dedicated to serve in the Valdosta community. Enactus holds members to a standard, as members must complete a certain amount of hours in order to attend different conferences in the region and nation and also to get the organization’s t-shirt.

Enactus does big things when it comes to community service. Among many other organizations, Enactus was honored during the 2017 Night on Fire Recognition Night, which honored excellence in leadership and student contributions.

Nathaniel Danquah shared his experience as a member of Enactus.

“My main goal with Enactus is networking,” Danquah said. “I personally like networking and meeting others . . . Community service is nice too.”

Enactus now prepares for the Kansas City National Exposition, where there will be a plethora of other organizations presenting projects.

A big event VSU Enactus ran this year was Kultured Kampus, an event that helped provide job opportunities to tailors in Gambia and fund the education of Gambian children.

Almost every day, Enactus offers some sort of community service opportunity, but as the school year comes to an end, members are taking this time to plan for the future and solidify changes occurring due to graduating members.

Enactus plans to be well prepared for the 2017-2018 school year.

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