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Back to school: Best places to study

Written by Alex Dunn, Campus Life Editor

Photos courtesy of VSU 

It’s nearly time for school to start back up and for students to return from summer vacations to once again begin another semester full of homework and last minute study sessions before class. While making yourself study can be one of the hardest things to do, motivation is not the only key factor here. It’s also the location. When it’s time to hit the books, the first thing that comes to mind is this: where is the best place to study?

The Library

Although the Odum Library is one of the first places that come to mind, many people can overlook the variety of study locations it offers. Quick tip: know where to look. There are study rooms all along the third floor that can give one person to a group of people the privacy they need to focus; however, during popular study hours, it may be hard to find one unoccupied. There are also open tables on almost every floor, which offer a group of students the opportunity to talk normally without disturbing anyone. For the students who are better off studying alone, the cubical desks scattered around the library will give you enough privacy, and they’re usually placed in the “quiet zones” of the library too.

The Student Union

The Student Union offers sitting areas that allow students to study without fully isolating themselves from the general public. It’s a convenient place to sit down for a quick study session because of its convenient location between the parking deck and main campus. If you are someone who can easily cancel-out background noise and likes to study where a Starbucks is close by, then the Student Union is the place to be. The benefits include easy access to food and drink stations and being able to study with friends without having to be super quiet.

Rotunda in West Hall

It may sound like an unlikely place, but the rotunda in West Hall offers a pretty quiet environment and comfortable benches to sit on. Almost every student will have at least one class in West Hall in their academic career here at VSU, from mandatory English classes to foreign language, so the proximity to a possible class is high. West Hall is also located in the center of main campus, so other classes won’t be far. For reasons that cannot be explained, the area around the rotunda is usually quiet, perhaps because the English Departments offices are in that area.

Front Lawn

If the weather allows for it, the front lawn can be one of those perfect places that offers peace and quiet while also getting a little bit of sunshine. Just pull out a spare blanket and put it anywhere, preferably under shady trees. Located right next to three of the main buildings, West, Nevins and Bailey, the front lawn offers a convenience when time is limited. So, not only are you doing something productive towards school, but you’re enjoying the nice view and sunshine VSU has to offer.

Dorm rooms

For those who stay on campus full time, your dorm room might be the most convenient place to study before class. You don’t have to get all your stuff packed up and walk to one of the many locations on main campus. All you have to do is have everything set up before you, and you’re set. If you are someone who commutes, your room or living area in your home can still offer the same benefits instead of having to carry half your textbooks around campus. It is also an easier way to study when you have free time, like before bed, which can actually help your brain retain the information better.


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