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Grab the popcorn: The Spectator’s monthly movie review

It’s a Friday night. There’s nothing to do. You have a few dollars and realize that there’s a new movie coming out today that interests you, but you’re not sure if it will be good. Well, here are some reviews for some of the recent summer releases:

Girl’s Trip

One of this summer’s most talked about movies was met with equal numbers and reviews. Girl’s Trip was released in July and according to IMDB has since grossed approximately $120 million and continues to gross more per week more than most new releases. With critic favorites like Queen Latifah, Regina Hall, Jada Pinkett-Smith and newcomer Tiffany Haddish, this movie is filled with Hollywood starlets. Filmed around a group of college friends who were very close and have now gone their separate ways, two of the friends became estranged. That is, until they go on a trip to New Orleans for the Essence Music Festival, where nothing but good times, trying times, and feel good moments prevail in the name of sisterhood and friendship. This movie is the definition of black girl magic.

Atomic Blonde

Not one of Charlize Theron’s best films. This movie was uneventful, boring and confusing. Atomic Blonde is set during the Cold War, when Lorraine Broughton (Charlize Thereon) is supposed to investigate a case about the murder of her fellow agent. Overall, the movie featured her in Berlin, walking the streets, smoking cigarettes, and wielding guns. There were action scenes that came out of nowhere without a real reason as to why the scene was happening. One of the nice things about the film was the wardrobe styling and the overall 80s aesthetic. The clothing was authentic to the time period and to the characters.

Wonder Woman

Centered on one of DC Comics’ most prominent female superheroes, Wonder Woman, was the superhero blockbuster of the summer. Grossing over $800 million according to IMDB, Wonder Woman shows that girl power is entertaining, too. In a male dominated-genre, Wonder Woman makes a case for female heroines everywhere. The film tells the story of Wonder Woman (Gal Gadot) and shows how she became who she is now. Through perfectly executed fighting scenes and the action staging of the set, this movie makes the audience actually feel like they’re apart of the movie.


Halle Berry’s new movie Kidnap is something that we’ve seen her in before. Berry has been picking up the same kind of roles for the past few years. In this film, Berry’s trying to rescue her son after he was kidnapped in plain daylight. Throughout the whole film, Berry drives in a high-speed car chase and endures dangerous situations to get her child back. She doesn’t stop for gas once. The film is redundant and filled only with action-packed driving. According to IMDB, the film had a $21 million budget and has grossed $28 million.


There were some duds as well as some box office hits this summer. The movie industry is showing a decline in viewership and sales. Fresh films that keep up with the times would improve the decline in viewership and sales. Movie fans want to be intrigued and immersed into the film they’re watching. The movie industry has more work to be done in order to fix this slump during the fall.

Check back every month for my latest movie review!

Written by JaCorey Moon, staff writer. Photos courtesy of Fandango.

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