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VSU professors give advice to students

With the recent announcement of school cancellation many teachers have had to re-arrange their homework and test schedules. Some students are also leaving VSU so they won’t be affected by Hurricane Irma.

Many professors have said they are postponing all work to a later date if they were due on Monday or Tuesday. With students preparing for the hurricane some professors wanted to give them advice to keep them safe.

Dr. Cristobal Serran-Pagan

Dr. Cristobal Serran-Pagan- assistant professor of philosophy and religious studies

“I’m going to be receiving emails from students so I can help them with their projects.”

“Be safe. Avoid highways because they are full.”

“Stay away from big trees and big construction because the wind will blow anything that is in its path.”


Dr. Calvin Walker

Dr. Calvin Walker – department chair for African American studies

“At this point, now, we’re really trying to encourage students to stay put.”

“The interstates are packed. Highway 41 is packed and it’s going to be hard to find gas.”

“If students are in an apartment that’s pretty good, fine. If not, they can come on-campus and get in one of the buildings.”

Dr. Ericka Parra


Dr. Ericka Parra – professor of Spanish and Latin American studies

“Keep your mind busy so you are not worried just watching news.”

Sera Gard – teaching assistant for ENGL 1101

“The biggest advice I gave students was to not travel. Because of how busy I-75 has gotten, Valdosta seems like it’s going to be safer to stay put.”

“It would be advisable that you stock up on things that don’t need electricity, food, and water.”


Professor Michael Baun

Professor Michael Baun – professor of political science

“Stay inside. If the winds look too bad, maybe go to a safe part of the building away from windows and glass.”

“Be wary of falling tree limbs as a result of the wind.”

“Be smart. Don’t take any unnecessary risks, especially if you’re driving and conditions get bad.”


Written by Bryce Ethridge. Photos VSU and Google.

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