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Editorial: VSU students petition to cancel classes

As we know, Hurricane Irma ravaged parts of Georgia and Florida earlier this week. This affected many students who left the Valdosta area. VSU already cancelled classes Monday through Wednesday, but a student decided to petition the VSU administration to cancel classes for the rest of the week.

The author of the petition used Irma’s unpredictability as an argument for why students should get the rest of the week off. She also used another student’s particular situation to validate her argument.

Though the petition was not accepted by VSU it did receive 1,666 signatures with a goal of 2,000.

Even though Irma was destructive and left many people without power, students who can safely make it to class should go. We understand that power outages, vehicular damages, and high gas prices are all hindrances but that means another solution is necessary.

The original title for the petition referenced students paying an excessive amount of money to attend VSU to not have classes cancelled. If students are paying money, it is supposed to go toward classes not their cancellation.

Here at The Spectator, we agree with VSU’s decision to continue school on Thursday. It allows students that have returned to continue their learning instead of unnecessarily increasing their workload.

We also believe that for a petition to be taken seriously it must be well-written. For the VSU administration to have reviewed the petition seriously it needed a more professional tone.

Vice President Vincent Miller has already emailed all students that classes will resume on Thursday. He also said that students should contact their professors if they are unable to return to campus in time for class.

Professors, please be understanding. Students who have yet to return, please be safe in your travels and keep in contact with your professors.

This editorial was written by a member of the editorial staff and expresses the general opinion of The Spectator.

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