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People Poll: What movie gets you in the Halloween spirit?

Halloween is right around the corner and that means that the spooky feeling is in the air. With that being said, the editors here at The Spectator want to know what movies get students in the Halloween spirit. I’ll start.

My favorite Halloween movies are “The Nightmare Before Christmas,” and “The Corpse Bride.” I love “The Nightmare Before Christmas,” because it’s an iconic piece of Claymation. It makes me feel spooky and festive, while also reminding me that Christmas is right around the corner, and I haven’t bought anybody anything. I love “The Corpse Bride” because I love the overall plot of the movie.

Scream is my favorite Halloween movie, because it’s like a real life parody. It’s funny,” Amari McGee, sophomore architecture major.

“I love ‘Hocus Pocus’ because it’s a classic,” Mazey Roberts, junior biology major.

Even though it’s a Disney movie, ‘Don’t Look Under The Bed is scary. It’s one of my favorites. Also, The Nightmare Before Christmas is one of my Halloween favorites as well, because of Jack Skellington,” Titus Reaves, freshman mass media major.


“’Halloweentown’ is my favorite Halloween movie, because I grew up watching Disney Channel,” Deija Roberts, sophomore psychology major.

“Well generally I’d say anything apart of the AMC Fear Fest, from ‘Pet Sematary’ to ‘Friday the 13th.’ They’re classics that I used to watch with my dad as a kid. I love horror movies now and that was a big part of why.” Kaylon Day, junior political science major.

Photos and quotes by Jacorey Moon, Assistant Entertainment Editor.

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