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De'Essence Cox, a graduate assistant, passing out documents at the seminar.

Seminar held at VSU for managing student organization funds

VSU’s Office of Student Life held a Money Matters Seminar on Wednesday, Jan. 31 for representatives from various student organizations regarding how to gain and manage funds.

The event featured a presentation by De’Essence Cox, a graduate assistant with the Office of Student Life, along with guest speakers Guy Ervin, accountant for University Advancement, and Student Government Association Comptroller Matthew Rowe.

De’Essence Cox, graduate assistant, and Matthew Rowe, SGA Comptroller, presenting at the seminar.

“The Office of Student Life recognizes financial management is important for student organizations to be effective and successful,” Cox said.

The presentation included advice for interested parties in regards to issues like recordkeeping, handling of money and the acquisition of funds.

Students attending the seminar.

Ervin spoke to students on how to set up fund agreements with the VSU Foundation. The VSU Foundation helps organizations manage their funds in a manner similar to a bank, but with a format better suited for student organizations.

Ervin explained the process of setting up the fund agreement and withdrawing money. He also detailed the manner in which the foundation creates and sends out regular reports for the funds.

Students also learned about the process by which organizations can apply for and receive funding by the SGA.

Rowe explained the application process in which students apply for up to $500 to be paid as a reimbursement after the fact. Students can also request to receive smaller allotments of $50 or $100 up front.

To receive either cash up front or the larger reimbursement, students will have to apply with a small presentation regarding their organization’s goals with the money.

VSU students listening to the presentations at the seminar.              

Students representing several organizations were present, including Honor Society of America, the French Club and the American Society of Interior Designers.

Story by Robert Davison, Assistant Campus Life editor. Photos by Bryce Ethridge, News editor.

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