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The keto diet: pros and cons

According to the Cleveland Clinic, the ketogenic diet has successfully been used since the ’90s to treat epilepsy, but over the years more people are using the low carb diet to lose weight.

Ketosis is a process that helps us to survive when food intake is low and during this, we produce ketones. These are produced from the breakdown of fats from the liver. The end goal of the keto diet is to force your body into ketosis.

There are many benefits to the keto diet. The first is weight loss. This diet uses your body fat as an energy source and has better results when compared to low-fat and high-carb diets.

Another benefit is the controlling of blood sugar. The keto diet naturally lowers blood sugar due to the types of food you eat. If you’re pre-diabetic or have type 2 diabetes then you should consider the keto diet.

People also use the keto diet for improved mental performance. Ketones are basically fuel for the brain. According to the National Center for Biotechnology Information, studies show that an increased intake of fatty acids can impact your brain in a positive way.

The keto diet has been proven to improve cholesterol levels associated with arterial buildup. This helps to lower blood pressure.

A large amount of research has also shown the keto diet can also lower insulin ranges to healthy levels. This can be a great help especially if you are athletic.

One last odd benefit of the keto diet has to do with acne. Although there are no reliable studies to back this, switching to a low-carb diet could possibly reduce skin irritation.

Many students here at VSU agree that the keto diet is a great idea.

Kali Fussell, a freshman nursing major, said, “I think the keto diet is positive and could be used to lose weight or for epilepsy. I think any natural way to solve health problems should be used rather than chemicals.”

Full-time dual enrolled psychology major, Maggie Harper, said, “I think as long as you are being careful and not denying your body of the things it needs to function properly and it isn’t hazardous to your health, then it’s completely okay.”

However, the ketogenic diet isn’t all sunshine and rainbows. There is an adaptation period that can last for up to two weeks, and this can be very uncomfortable. Also, this diet can be extremely difficult and requires serious restraint. Social gatherings especially will be hard on some. Lastly, most likely athletes will not be able to get the necessary energy they need from the keto diet.

Personally, I think the keto diet is a great idea if you can stick to it. It has several health benefits that do not all pertain to weight loss. If the keto diet seems like a tool that could work for you, try it out. There are plenty of ways to lose weight, but it is even better when it is all natural and has so many other health benefits as well.

Story by Savannah Oliver, Staff Writer. Photo by Brooke Larke on Unsplash.

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