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Pop Addict return: Must-see movies, Kardashians, Mo’Nique and Elton John

Hello to all of my guys, girls, and pop addicts at VSU. I know that I’ve been away for a while, but I’m here to get teacups filled with the most delicious, piping hot and satisfying tea.

I’m serving up, green ginger tea; so let’s get into it.

Anybody who has a social media account has seen the news about Kim Kardashian (Chicago) having her baby, her sister Kylie having her baby (Stormi) and that their other sister Khloe has announced that she was having a girl. I think that it’s beautiful for a family to be able to celebrate new additions, and I couldn’t be any happier for the Kardashian clan. Surprisingly, nothing about these three situations was messy, which is something new for the Kardashians.

Mo’Nique….sweetie…babycakes…icon…honey. We get it. We get that Netflix wronged you with that $500,000 amount for a comedy special. But my only question is, why does she keep reminding us and harassing us with interviews? To fill your cup if you’re lost, Mo’Nique was offered $500,000 from Netflix to do a comedy special for them, and Mo’Nique said that it wasn’t enough money. She said to Netflix that Amy Schumer did a recent special for them and she was initially offered $12 million and was able to negotiate another million. Mo’Nique also brought up a couple of other comedians to make her point. If you want the full story do the googles kids, they’re free. All that I’m saying is, what’s the point? She keeps saying how much she “loves us for real,” but she didn’t love us enough to not go on a “confrontation tour” and exhaust her point. Mo’Nique, the horse is dead, it was beaten to death. Move on.

Black Panther.”  PHENOMENAL. LEGENDARY. ICONIC. GROUNDBREAKING. MY WIG FLEW! Black Panther has broken so many records. According to Forbes, Black Panther has raked in $920 million. This movie is everything. See the movie. Even if comic books don’t interest you that much, still go see it. I’m not going to spoil anything; I’m just going to let the movie do the talking.

In other interesting news, Rihanna is bringing Fenty Beauty to Italy on April 6. Ciao Bella. Queen is doing her thing.

A Wrinkle in Time”, is the next film that should be on your movie itinerary. It debuted on March 9. I think that this movie will be a memorable film. This movie features a cast filled with people of color, something that is starting to be very profitable for companies. Although, I think that Ava DuVernay should’ve released this film before Marvel released “Black Panther.” Please go support Oprah and Disney.

The one, the only, Elton “Legend” John is going his farewell tour entitled “Farewell Yellow Brick Road.” I will be in the building in the VIP section getting my life. I’m literally SHOOK. I love Elton John so much. He’s truly an icon in the music industry. He will be touring for 3 years, starting in 2018. If you love Elton John as much as I do, then this will be a show that you won’t want to miss.

Cardi B is still dealing with Offset and his cheating ways, and now the media is saying that she looks pregnant. But who isn’t dealing with their problems?

Chile that’s all I’ve got to make up for my hiatus. Remember to check back here to get your teacup filled with more tea!

Written by Jacorey Moon, assistant entertainment editor. 

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