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Being the new head coach in title town comes with a set of expectations.

Blazers set expectations for new head coach

The Blazers have found their new head coach.

Tiffin University’s head coach, Gary Goff has accepted the job for the head coach vacancy at VSU.

With the Blazers coming off an undefeated, national championship season, expectations are high for Goff to come in and continue the winning culture at VSU.

Wide receiver Kenny Benjamin believes that the new coach should understand that winning is the most important thing in order to succeed as Kerwin Bell’s successor.

“We want a traditional, diehard kind of guy with a winning attitude,” Benjamin said. “Winning championships and character is what Valdosta State is all about.”

Defensive lineman, Shicorreus Jones said that the new coach shouldn’t focus on the team’s success last season and buy into the everyday grind of the Blazers.

“We need him to come in and recognize the type of players he has on this team,” Jones said. “We’ll be 0-0 next year and what we did this season won’t matter anymore so we want him to come in and be ready to work.”

Wide receiver Lio’undre Gallimore is expecting positive results and is ready to put the championship behind him.

“We’re ready to win,” Gallimore said. “We’re not looking back and holding the championship over our heads, we’re ready to play with a chip on our shoulder next season.”

Prior to becoming Tiffin’s head coach, Goff spent time coaching various entities at New Mexico State, Southeastern Louisiana University, and Iowa Wesleyan University.

At Tiffin, Goff totaled a 39-49 record in his eight seasons on the job.

Written by Gerald Thomas III, Staff Writer. Photo courtesy of VSU Athletics.

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