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Introducing SpecTalk, the voice of students, by students

The Spectator has some new plans for this 2019-2020 year. As a staff, we want to reach our readers in different ways. SpecTalk came about and we are just thrilled for this new opportunity. 

SpecTalk is a podcast for the students by the students. 

Our engagement editor, Kaitlyn Baich, is the host and editor of SpecTalk. 

On Wednesdays we plan to have sports talk on SpecTalk, where Prince Robinson, Kyle Grondin, and Jayvon Bland will have some heated discussions on what’s going on in the sports world. This leaves Friday’s for our entertainment and campus life section. We plan on having interviews with students, faculty, and staff from Valdosta State University. 

We want to make sure our readers have a variety of options to get their news and we couldn’t pass up this opportunity for SpecTalk. 

We will continue to produce content that is not only important to us as a staff, but to our blazer community. 

New episodes of SpecTalk will be available every Wednesday and Friday. For more details you can listen to episode one at the link below!


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