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Here's the best spots in Remerton, according to students.

People Poll: Good advice to start the semester off strong

Ty James, sophomore, biology major

“Don’t procrastinate.  It’s ok to party, but don’t’ do it all the time; your work must come first. You should prioritize and maybe even get a planner.”

Daniel Sloan, sophomore, music education major

“If you did poorly last semester, you should really buckle down for this semester and hit the books; you should get all of your partying out and get ready to focus.”

Briana Kyler, sophmore, psycology major

“Don’t take any 8 .am.’s. I did it all last semster and I was so tired; it was the worst thing I ever did.”

Carly May, freshman, criminal justice major

“Find your friend group because college is hard without friends. Once you find your friend group, you’ll have fun and they’ll push you to be better.”

Written by Breannia Stillwell, Staff Writer . Photo Courtesy of  Breannia Stillwell. 

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