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Everyone wants online classes until they get online classes.

People Poll: What is your favorite part of spring semester?

Tyler Pierce sophomore criminal justice major

“I’m on the club rugby team here and we’re going to UGA soon. I’m really excited about that. We’re also going to Nashville for our national qualifiers so I’m actually pretty excited about that. So, you know, going out for a couple of weekends, seeing Georgia and playing Rugby.

Sanaa Aine freshman American sign language major

“The classes are very laid back. I have more free time and get to hang out with my friends. I have more time to study too.”


Lyndeen Missick sophomore international business major

“So far, my favorite part of spring semester is getting involved in more clubs recently. I think it’s been a lot easier to get involved in clubs this semester than last semester. They have a lot more going on this semester so I think it’s going to be really good.”


Jenifer Arellano, junior art and design major

“My favorite part about spring semester is that there’s a lot more events going on and I have a little bit more free time to go out and explore a bunch of other stuff on campus. The movies that CAB shows I used to be able to not go to any of them because of the class schedule and now I have more time to go and watch more movies with my friends.”

Written by Lenah Allen, Campus Life editor. Photos Courtesy of  Lenah Allen 

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