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Graphic by Bethany Davis, Graphic Designer.

People Poll: Are you registered to vote?

The 2020 presidential election is quickly approaching. In November many students will vote for the first time.

Kayla Ellis, sophomore biology major

“Yes! I voted in this past election. I’m eighteen. Obviously not the presidential election, but the election for the nominees. I voted because I want to have a voice and I want to participate in voting for people that are making decisions that will affect me. You have a say in who is making decisions for you. If you don’t vote, you can’t really complain when you didn’t even do your part.” 

Iris Gonzalez, sophomore psychology major

“I actually just registered to vote. I am only nineteen so I am just now allowed to vote. I chose to register to vote because I am very passionate about equality, and I just don’t feel like that is happening right now. If I can have a say now that I am old enough to have a say then I want to help someone else out in that way. The kids that are getting shot without even having a weapon. I can be a voice for them.”

Nicholas Screene, freshman biology major

“ Voting is important because I like making changes. I feel like voting is a way to help make change, and it is not something that you have to go out of your way to do. It is something simple you can do that would make a big difference in the grand scheme of things.”


Sarahi Montero, sophomore art major

“No, I am nineteen. Last time [I voted] it was for the preliminaries. I was seventeen and I thought I couldn’t vote. Plus I was scared. I am registered to vote this time because I want to try to change what’s going on right now. I have this belief that my vote won’t count as much because of the electoral college. I still plan on voting to see if I can do anything.”

Noah Landrum, junior music education major

“ I am registered to vote and I was last time, but I am hoping I can vote this time. I think you should vote that way you can actually have a say for who’s in charge.”

Story and Photos by Gwenivere Friedman, Staff Writer

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