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What does Black History Month mean to you?

Jonothan Smith, freshman political science major

“Black history month to me is more appreciation of Black people who are actively making history. People today that are influencing the future of Blacks in America.”

Robin T. Harrison, graduate student choral conducting major

“Black History Month to me means remembering the people and events that gave me the liberties to live comfortably and exist in this world and showing my gratitude and appreciation for them. Although there are still moments and times in the world where I’m a little uneasy, I know that on some level I’m still safe because of the people who paved the way for me.”

Luisa Garrett, freshman theatre performance major

“As a minority, this month allows more focus to help other minorities. To bring a light on how they have been oppressed for so long and to look at how we have progressed.”

Aurielle Bonne, freshman nursing major

“It means that we get to celebrate being black and seeing the history of what we’ve been through. Then getting to see how far we’ve come.”

Written by Gwenivere Friedman, staff writer. Photo courtesy of Gwenivere Friedman. 

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