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‘A Quiet Place II’: sequel tiptoes to the top

As it turns out, silence is not enough anymore. Following the first film and the death of the patriarch, his wife and children must continue in search of ways to survive on their own.

Releasing during the midst of the COVID-19 pandemic, while daring, didn’t hinder or trouble this film’s success, as noted by the gross amount of 16 million dollars internationally.

It is safe to say that continuing the story of the world without noise was sure to draw in her fair share of interest. In the aftermath of an apocalyptic level infestation of armored creatures that are considered unkillable, the newfound knowledge of how to combat the menace is indispensable to the population now devastated by them.

Every single noise made from either the screen or the surrounding audience members is something that makes you hold your breath for a moment, wondering to yourself if it was the characters, you or them.

A masterclass in horror and with a mounting dread as their new hostiles make themselves known in this new film: humans. Like the creatures, humans are monsters as well to watch out for—the most volatile and dangerous of the animals now roaming the earth.

Their struggle on the screen often translates to you moving to the edge of your chair, finding comfort in the fact that this is simply a film. This movie breaks that barrier, utilizing the silence of the world and the theater to its advantage by making every pen drop vital to survival.

An entertaining watch as we stand out the last months of the pandemic in our own little survival scenario, it allows us to put down our work for an hour or so to engage with the story at hand so carefully crafted by the director, John Krasinski.

A love letter to his original story and the success that followed, he devises a brilliant sequel that seems to be on par with the original’s scares, tension and horror.

Story by Amanda Russell, Spectator Reporter. Photo courtesy of IMDB.

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