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10 songs to “fall” in love with this autumn

With fall slowly approaching at VSU, it is time to have a playlist to get in the mood. Here are 10 songs to drink a pumpkin spice beverage to and feel like you are in your very own spooky movie.

1. “Cardigan” by Taylor Swift
This song captures the essence of autumn and also highlights the short time you can wear a cardigan, which is even shorter in Valdosta and our campus.

2. “Time of The Seasons” by The Zombies
This classic captures a spooky vibe, and you can also have a nice little dance party to it.

3. “Drunk on Halloween” by Wallows
While the best fall drink is probably a good pumpkin spice latte or even a pumpkin cream cold brew, other options are always available. This song is a slow and sad but a good song to vibe to this season.

4. “we fell in love in october” by girl in red
Lookig for romance this fall semester? Then this song is for you, especially if you meet them in October.

5. “Spooks” by Louis Armstrong
If you are needing something that sounds straight out of a Halloween classic, then this is for you. With playful lyrics and a whimsical tune, this song is perfect.

6. “I Think I Like When It Rains” by WILLIS
This song has been around for a couple of years but still fits the vibe for this year. For VSU, the fall season usually means rain. This song should help you enjoy the rain a little more.

7. “More Human Than Human” by White Zombie
Looking for something more on the rock side? Maybe with some 90’s vibes? This is the song for you. With spooky lyrics and amazing instrumentals, this is the Halloween song.

8. “Your Woman” by White Town
This song has been featured in many horror movies, despite it not really being a horror song. Maybe it’s the vibes since it’s not really the lyrics; regardless, it is a classic fall banger.

9. “Where is My Mind?” by Pixies
This song is the main character moment with an iconic instrumental and slightly odd lyrics. Walking around campus during the fall with this playing in your ears is the moment.

10. “Dark Red” by Steve Lacy
Finally, this song wraps this playlist up with a bow on top. It may be less than three minutes long, but that does not stop it from invoking a spooky vibe that can change the whole mood.

Story written by Evie Webb, staff writer. Photo courtesy of Flickr. 

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