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A.M.A. builds networking skills at VSU

Careers in marketing have become a hot topic in recent years, and at VSU, it’s hard to disagree.

VSU’s American Marketing Association is the perfect opportunity for students who are looking to gain marketing skills or create connections in the marketing field.

According to the mission statement, AMA’s purpose is “to engage VSU students in the field of marketing, enhance learning and build meaningful relationships by providing opportunities for professional development, networking, community engagement, outreach and individual growth.”

AMA is a collegiate chapter that has professional chapters across the world whose goal is to help people advance in the marketing field as well in their personal life.

“AMA’s purpose is to promote education and assist people in personal and career development,” Ansley Veilands, head of social media, said.

AMA gives students the opportunity to obtain certifications that are recognized by marketing professionals around the country. Students can also gain scholarships and internships only available to AMA members.

Veilands explained that as a marketing major, she wanted to take her skills and learn to use them outside of the classroom through engaging with VSU’s campus. Through her work at AMA, Veilands now has an upcoming internship with a marketing firm in London, England.

VSU students learn how to be in the marketing field by holding different events and doing marketing for the organization. Joining looks amazing on resumes and can help students stand out from other candidates when applying for a job.

There are different events and competitions that AMA holds to help students’ network, learn skills and meet other students from across the country. This will help students create connections, which will help them once they leave VSU.

AMA also allows students to learn career tips and skills socially and professionally.

AMA gives students the opportunity to learn the ins and outs of the business world like how to dress for a job, get through an interview and mingle in a professional environment.

To join AMA, you can go to the official website or directly to the VSU chapter through BlazerLink.

Written by Mia Vuolo, Staff Reporter. Photo courtesy of  Kilie Huckleby.

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