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Comic Corner: America shows it’s true colors

A year ago, Captain America Steve Rogers was revealed to be Hydra, an underground terrorist organization that broke off from the Nazis. Since then he has been pulling strings to bring Hydra to the forefront in order to take over the world. It wasn’t until this past summer, in Secret Empire #0, that Captain America revealed to his fellow heroes ...

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VSU students speak out on college struggles

Throughout September, VSU sent out a survey to all students, calling for them to “speak out” on their college experience. The “Speak Out” survey asks questions about the living, financial and work situations that current students are going through. Acting director of the Wisconsin HOPE lab, Jed Richardson, said the survey was sent to get a better grasp on what ...

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CORE issues survey for National Recovery Month

National Recovery Month in September brings awareness to substance abuse disorders and celebrates those who’ve reached recovery. In honor of the special occasion, the Core Institute of Southern Illionois University is conducting their biennial alcohol and drug survey. This survey finds the general consensus among the substance use/abuse group on college colleges such as VSU. All participation is voluntary and ...

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Editorial: VSU students petition to cancel classes

As we know, Hurricane Irma ravaged parts of Georgia and Florida earlier this week. This affected many students who left the Valdosta area. VSU already cancelled classes Monday through Wednesday, but a student decided to petition the VSU administration to cancel classes for the rest of the week. The author of the petition used Irma’s unpredictability as an argument for ...

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VSU gets students ready for success

This year, VSU is starting up the Blazer Ready program once again to prepare students and alumni for life after college. The Blazer Ready program is a series of workshops designed to help develop professionalism and gain confidence in pursuing career goals. Students learn different skills depending on the workshop. VSU is offering eight workshops for the fall and spring ...

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VSU stands tall after Irma

Hurricane Irma hit VSU lightly compared to cities in Florida, but that does not mean that it is not without damages. Throughout campus, trees have fallen and debris has filled sidewalks. Streets like North Oak St. and North Patterson St. have multiple stoplights out. Many of the fallen trees have not affected anything directly on campus but it has affected some ...

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VSU professors give advice to students

With the recent announcement of school cancellation many teachers have had to re-arrange their homework and test schedules. Some students are also leaving VSU so they won’t be affected by Hurricane Irma. Many professors have said they are postponing all work to a later date if they were due on Monday or Tuesday. With students preparing for the hurricane some ...

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VSU issues updates on Irma

As of Wednesday night, Hurricane Irma is nearing Puerto Rico. Although it is too early to see if Irma will completely hit the United States, Florida is bracing itself for the impact Irma could possibly have. With 185 mph winds, Florida Gov. Rick Scott and Georgia Gov. Nathan Deal have declared a state of emergency for the coasts of both ...

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The code of conduct receives changes

At the first SGA meeting of the year, Dean of Students Daryl Lowe, announced changes to the Student Code of Conduct. These changes were made to address House Bill 280 and other important topics. Lowe said he made some of the changes due to the underage abuse of alcohol and illegal drugs. “I’ve been here for almost three and a ...

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States seek ‘State of Emergency’ protections

Early Wednesday, the governors of Georgia, Florida and South Carolina declared a state of emergency for parts of their respective states. To declare a state of emergency means to have a situation of national danger or disaster in which the government suspends normal constitutional procedures to regain control, according to Google. To simplify, a state of emergency means the government ...

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Current COVID-19 Stats for Valdosta State University

Check the current number of cases on the VSU campus here!