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VSU pursues purchase of Ashley Cin­emas

 Ashley Cinemas, one of two movie theater complexes in Valdosta, will be purchased by VSU’s Auxiliary Services Real Estate Foundation if a proposal to the Board of Regents and foundation’s board of directors is accepted.   “The purchase would have to be approved by the foundation’s board of directors as well as the Board of Regents,” said John Crawford, vice president ...

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NCAA changes regulations

 On Jan. 17, National Collegiate Athletic Association Division II members and officials held their annual convention and approved a legislative proposal that will shorten the time allowed for preseason practices.  At last year’s convention, the “life in the balance” legislative initiative, which came from the Division II president and management council, was adopted. They agreed on the first phase, the ...

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Non-students cause scenes in library

 There can be found, at all times of the day, any number of locals who use the resources that the campus library is legally obliged to offer to the public.  In the past though, there have been several altercations that have occurred in the library that involved non-VSU students.   “There have been incidents in the library that resulted in campus ...

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SAC discusses options for HOPE

 Preserving the HOPE scholarship was the top discussion at the Student Advisory Council meeting this past weekend in Atlanta.  The Student Advisory Council meets three times a year and consists of each Student Government Association President in the University System of Georgia.  The presidents divided into committees where they discussed how HOPE affects students and what would happen if HOPE ...

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Graves brings life to ordinary

 He looks for the interesting and unique features in life to depict and capture for audiences to dwell on.  “I look to point out the obvious, yet often ignored connections that exist between the natural world and the cultural attitudes and practices we project on it,” Travis Graves said in an artist statement about his work. “The direction of my ...

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World renowned violinist performs on campus

 The Valdosta Symphony Orchestra warmly welcomes the widely-successful violinist, Amy Schwartz Moretti, to campus on Feb. 12.   She will be performing the Beethoven Violin Concerto.  “The Beethoven is widely regarded as one the greatest works for violin, and I believe that its considerable musical and technical challenges provide Ms. Moretti with the perfect showcase for her world-class artistry,” Director ...

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Mixed feelings surround monologue on lynching

“In a world this dark, a lynching story isn’t as striking as it should be to get a reaction on a college campus,” Rebecka McAleer, freshman theatre major, said. “It’s hard to get someone’s attention with things like that.”

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S.U.R.G.E. takes on Valentine’s Day

  VSU’s student organization, S.U.R.G.E (Students United for Real Gender Equality), have been working all week, to provide students with Valentine’s Day themed events. On Feb. 2, they performed a series of skits on love and sex.  The members acted out three different scenarios: a female tutor hitting on a male student who was only looking for help on his math ...

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Faculty struck by IT Budget Cuts

 Midway through the 2011 fiscal year, VSU’s Information Technology infrastructure will likely undergo a 35 percent budget cut, facing a decrease from $400,000 to $260,000. The cuts will not affect maintenance and upgrades to computers in labs and computer classrooms; upkeep of student-used computers are covered by the Student Technology fee. Also, the budget cuts will not affect the IT ...

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Current COVID-19 Stats for Valdosta State University

Check the current number of cases on the VSU campus here!