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Students to unwind with ‘Soul Sessions’ in Union

Written by Erin Ellis   Every student needs some type of release, especially as the semester winds down. Students will have an opportunity to unwind before the end of the semester with Soul Sessions from 7:30-10:30 p.m. on Saturday in the Student Union Ballrooms. Soul Sessions will offer VSU students a chance to listen to music, converse with others and ...

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Additive Noise: Godspell makes arguing an art form

Written by Rebecka McAleer   Welcome back to Additive Noise! We’re going to spin off in a fun direction today with some practical application. Music is a form of communication designed to send messages, and today’s song sends more messages than any I’ve ever heard before. We’re diving into the world of Broadway, with the prologue from the musical “Godspell: ...

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Mr. Pinstripe Suit: ‘a smooth talker with an export cigarette’

Written by Rebecka McAleer   Welcome back to Additive Noise, where music goes for rediscovery. Today we have a blast from the past in the genre section. Ladies, put on your butterfly sleeves and rayon stockings, because we are going back to the 1930s and 40s– also known as the Swing Era. Swing music really made its debut around 1935. ...

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Sam Sniper stops in Valdosta, performs

Written by Neil Frawley   Country-alternate rock band, Sam Sniper, rocked Ashley Street Station as they were nominated for Athens’ 2012 Artist of the Year award. On Sunday,  the band headlined a show at Street Station, Valdosta’s up and coming music bar located on North Ashley Street. The performance was opened by VSU student, guitar player and songwriter Cody Gibson. ...

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‘The Next Day’ reused material

Written by Anthony Drake   David Bowie has released yet another album– “The Next Day.” The cover art for this 24th studio album might look familiar to some as Bowie made some edits to the album art from “Heroes” that came out in 1977. This album has a total of 14 tracks, and is about 54 minutes in length. “The ...

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Student to perform in vocal recital

Written by Allison Ericson   After four years, Hilary Lee, a senior music and chemistry major, will showcase her dedication and hard work in a vocal recital today at 7:30 p.m. in the Fine Arts Building.   The recital will have pieces from famous performers like Mozart, Brizett and Britten.   “Although I’ve been running my recital repertoire in order ...

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