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Give a ‘duck’; get a photo in return

Written by: Kailee Kivett, Staff Writer DigDuck is a new free social media app that allows users to censor a picture before sending it. The receiver can then choose to use their ducks, which is the payment method, to unlock the rest of the picture. The app also uses the person’s location to show public pictures from others in the ...

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New style of gameplay for ‘FPS’ fans

“Battlefield Hardline” introduces a new way to play a “Battlefield” game in this interesting twist on cops and robbers. In multi-player, instead of playing as an American versus a Russian, German or any other country normally pitted against another, you play as cops versus robbers who aren’t shy on using full-force to get what they want. This means that instead ...

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‘Bloodborne’ gameplay scores high with critics

Written by Alex Corbitt Developer FromSoft doesn’t disappoint with its new game, “Bloodborne.” The hype surrounding the game’s upcoming release stems from the Dark Soul community’s fascination with the game’s grim fantasy world. In this world, anything and everything wants to kill you, creating a challenging, dark, and complex gaming experience. Shrouded in mystery, the story of Bloodborne is theorized ...

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Selma Review

Writer by Kenzie Kesselring, Staff Writer A movie adaptation on the life of Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr. is not a new idea. The story has been done, but never before through the artistic scope of the writer/director team of Paul Webb and Ava DuVernay. Despite being snubbed at the Oscar’s, “Selma” has received high praise for its astounding performances. ...

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“Non-Stop” Delivers

Written by: Chris Kessler Without Liam Neeson, international travelers would be doomed. “Non-Stop” is a perfect mix of Alfred Hitchcock suspense with Hollywood’s top action star, Liam Neeson, doing what he does best. Neeson stars as an air marshal aboard an international flight that has been threatened by terrorists. An anonymous texter tells Neeson that a passenger will die every ...

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