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New Wii U rumors surface

Hello and welcome back to a regular edition of Spec Tech.  This week, Facebook buys Instagram, rumors from Wii U, Samsung Galaxy III launches, and the largest tablet screen is presented.   Facebook bought the very popular app, Instagram for $1 billion.  No one knows exactly why this deal was made, but it could be that Instagram wanted to spread ...

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Love vs. Lust: Pick a team

The confusion between love and lust can make for a fatal attraction. Once the lust dies, the person can see that he or she actually didn’t love the person that he or she was with.  It’s true that the beginning of any relationship begins with the physical attraction.  However, shortly afterward, you can become attracted to your partner mentally and ...

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Stonewalled: Cold as Ice

The National Hockey League playoffs started on April 11th, and the play so far has been highlighted not by amazing breakaways and power plays, but by nasty fights and dirty hits.   Hockey has always been known for its high intensity action and heated tempers that lead to fights on the ice, but a lot of the hits and scrums ...

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Kim and Kanye official, Odom inactive for season

Hello guys and dolls! I’ve got my remote ready. Are you ready to surf some channels?   Click.  Kim Kardashian and Kanye are now dating, but according to their exes this is not a new thing.  Hopefully we can watch this unfold on a new season of “Keeping up with the Kardashians.”  Click.  According to sources close to RHOA, Sheree ...

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The Love Game: Forgive and forget

 Trust.  This is a word that requires time.  It requires patience, as well as,effort.  True enough, events happen that make you lose your trust in someone. Once a relationship has lost trust, it becomes pretty difficult to revive it.  But through honest and open communication, you can learn to trust again, only if you forgive your partner and move forward ...

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Stonewalled: Fool me once, fool me twice

 This has been an interesting week in sports to say the least. Bobby Petrino and Ozzie Guillen made fools of themselves while embarrassing and enraging fans.  So let’s talk boneheads. Ozzie Guillen, the Miami Marlins new manager, started the media storm over the weekend with a thunderous boom when he told Time magazine that he respected the former Cuban dictator, ...

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The Love Game: The 10 Commandments of Love

Welcome to The Love Game, your VSU Spectator love and relationship advice column! Written by Jennifer Gleason and Amanda Usher, The Love Game is here to answer all of your anonymous questions about the world of romance. Let’s start with an overview of the basics… The 10 Commandments of Love 1. Thou shall trust wholeheartedly. 2. Thou shall practice proper ...

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PopAddict: Kardashian dates wanna-be Bieber

Hello guys and dolls! I’ve got my remote ready. Are you ready to surf some channels? � Click. � Mary J. Blige, one of America’s most treasured voices, is now using her soulful voice to sing about the crispy chicken sandwich at Burger King in a new commercial. � The ad has caused uproar in the black community with people ...

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SpecTech: New Sonic 4 slightly flawed

Welcome to this week’s review; I hope you guys didn’t get pranked too hard on Sunday.   After 16 years of waiting and begging, fans finally got a sequel to Sonic 3 and Knuckles, a 1994 platform video game for the Sega Mega Drive/Genesis.  This was the first time Sonic has had a purely 2D platformer on a home console ...

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Project X: No adults allowed

Project X, a comedy written by Michael Bacall and Matt Drake, tells the hilarious story of two friends, Costa (Oliver Cooper) and J.B. (Jonathan Daniel), who organize a birthday party for their 16-year-old friend Thomas (Thomas Mann) in hopes that it will improve their popularity in school. Luckily, Thomas’ parents were planning to celebrate their anniversary, giving them the perfect ...

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Current COVID-19 Stats for Valdosta State University

Check the current number of cases on the VSU campus here!