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Spectator Taster: Jessie’s offers healthy lunch options

Written by Jennifer Gleason & Amber Smith Jennifer: Jessie’s Eats & Treats is in that same nook downtown that the Bleu Café is hidden. When you walk in, there is a narrow space between the order counter and the tables, but the space is large enough to move around in and be served. The menu took up a few large ...

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True Korean flavor found in local restaurant

Written by Amber Smith & Jennifer Gleason   Locally owned and operated Korea Garden offers a fresh, authentic taste. Amber: Ethnic cuisine aficionados will love the menu at Korea Garden, a locally owned and operated restaurant on St. Augustine Road offering traditional Korean dishes as well as Korean barbeque. The building’s exterior hasn’t really changed since it belonged to a ...

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Bleu Pub: local, ‘much classier than a bar’

Written by Amber Smith & Jennifer Gleason   This week, the Spectator Tasters headed downtown for a taste of what a local restaurant has to offer. Amber: The Bleu Pub is one of several “Bleu” establishments in downtown Valdosta. The Pub is located on Hill Avenue, right on the very edge of the downtown area. It’s got a kind of ...

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Beijing provides awesome Asian cuisine

This week, the Spectator Tasters decided to head out in search of an awesome Asian dining experience. Written by Jennifer Gleason and Amber Smith Jen: Beijing Café has nice low lighting, but the exterior and interior are difficult to understand. The sign that is lit up to indicate it is open is far away enough from the front door that ...

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Shane’s drizzles in with BBQ sauce

By Amber Smith & Jennifer Gleason   Amber: I took a right at the light by the Valdosta Mall entrance one day and noticed that the Moe’s that had previously sat at the end of the strip mall had been replaced by Shane’s Rib Shack. I laughed– my boyfriend commented that our friend Shane now had a namesake in town, ...

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