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PopAddict: Madonna disses Janet, Snooki gets pregnant

Hello guys and dolls, get your cups ready because as always I am serving some hot tea! The Legendary Don Cornelius was found dead in his house Wednesday of an apparent suicide. The man responsible for the classic show Soul Train was 75. Leslie Carter, the sister of Nick and Aaron Carter died at toe age of 25. If you ...

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PopAddict: Nicki Minaj, More plastic than Cher

Hello guys and dolls, get your cups ready because I am serving some hot tea! Nicki Minaj needs to have several seats. Her new song and video, “Stupid Hoe”, is foolery at its best. If the ignorance of the song is not enough, the video is ridiculous. You paid for all that butt and can’t move it for anything in ...

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PopAddict: Blue Ivy hits billboards in first week

Hello, guys and dolls, allow me to introduce myself. I am Maya Kellam, and I am your new pop addict. Now that the introduction is over lets grab our cups as I pour out some tea. The arrival of the baby of the decade almost shut down twitter. Jay-Z and Beyonce’s first born, Blue Ivy Carter, is setting records before ...

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PopAddict: Kardashian baby coming soon, Love to counsel Lohan

Wow, folks! This is the last week of school and the last semester of Pop Addict for moi, so you know I have to go out with a BANG right? Of course you do! Now I know everybody is tired of Kim “Kimmy Cakes” Kardashian and her 72 days-marriage-and-too-long-divorce settlement from Kris Humphries (/Kardashian). The situation has gotten a little ...

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Gamestop to sell Android, iPhone 4S troubles surface

In this issue of the Spec Tech: a new Nook, bendable phones, and 4G LTE phones are coming, Apple troubles, and GameStop sells Android tablets. Nokia and Samsung both announce that they are creating phones with bendable screens. Samsung has not demonstrated their phone, but Nokia showed that bending the phone zooms in and out of pictures. This may seem ...

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PopAddict: Bieber baby, Kardashian divorce, more ‘surprises’

Happy belated Halloween! I bet there were plenty of tricks and treats out Monday night, and I know there’s still someone out there throwing back left over candy corn and tootsie rolls. As if this Halloween didn’t bring on a bunch of wild and freaky events—and boy, did the freaks come out—Jimmy Kimmel brought out Pee-Wee Herman to celebrate some ...

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SpecTech: Nokia unveils smart phone, new Playstation may be coming soon

In this edition of Spec Tech Google and Samsung had a very nice announcement for a new phone and operating system. Nokia is trying to get into the smart phone business. Apple has upgraded their MacBook Pro models. The Steve Jobs biography could be this year’s best seller, after only being on the market for one day! Nokia has had ...

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PopAddict: Bieber denied rap fame, Cannon twins get limelight

It’s one step closer to fall break, kids, and I can’t tell you how ready I am for this week to be over! I got over the hump now it’s my job to give you something to ease your mind until Friday. So, sit back and let me ditch out this dirt to you! So we all saw the tweets ...

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Current COVID-19 Stats for Valdosta State University

Check the current number of cases on the VSU campus here!