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Why Defund Parenthood?

Written by Dillon LaRue Rountree Staff Writer Planned Parenthood’s funding is among today’s most contentious political issues, with politicians on both sides of the issue taking passionate stances. The question is simple, should the government fund Planned Parenthood? The answer is similarly simple, absolutely not. This is for three reasons. First, Planned Parenthood is principally an abortion provider, it is ...

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Teens’ condom detects STD

Written by Carlius Williams, Staff Writer Three British teens have proposed an idea for a new type of condom that could detect sexually transmitted diseases.  The proposal won the trio a prize in the U.K. The teens, 13-year-old Muaz Nawaz, and 14-year-old Daanyaal Ali and Chirag Shah, said that the idea came to them after discovering how big of a problem ...

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SGA discusses Project Pink and school spirit

Written by Jyrell Wynn, Staff Writer The Student Government Association had a general assembly meeting at 8 p.m. in the University Center Cypress Room earlier this week. At the meeting, SGA discussed things such as the Fill-a-Truck food drive, Project Pink to address breast cancer, and decorating the stadium red to show school spirit. Nicole Njoku, committee head for student ...

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Memorable home opener for Blazers

Written by Gabe Burns, Staff Writer The Valdosta State Blazers had a memorable home opener that will forever be entrenched in the school’s record books. The Blazers’ record-setting day resulted in a 56-22 win over Cumberland at Bazemore-Hyder Stadium on Saturday. In the 2nd quarter of play, quarterback EJ Hilliard rolled out to the right and hit D’Amonte Ridley for ...

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Don’t free the nipple just yet: “Free the Nipple” movement shouldn’t be the main concern for women

Written by Mayah Centavo, Asst. Opinions Editor A couple of weeks ago, College Life Editor, LaShawn Olgesby, wrote an article saying “My nipples aren’t for you” to advocate for the “Free the Nipple Campaign.” Oglesby said that being attracted to breasts means that you have a fetish. Fetishes are geared more towards abnormal objects such as feet and bondage. Who ...

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Digital Dating: A look into the hookup culture @ VSU

Written by Jordan Barela, Editor-in-Chief Our lives have become so integrated with social media that most everything can be done with an app. Digital is everywhere you look.  Society as a whole has moved towards this digital direction. Now, you can find a significant other or a quick fling online. While this is not anything new, “digital dating” has overtaken ...

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Slut shaming has gone out of style

Written by Jordan Barela, Editor-in-Chief It is 2015, and we as a society still slut-shame. Slut-shaming is known in popular culture as harsh criticism of a female for her real or presumed sexual conduct; criticism that takes empowerment away from the female body. In today’s world there is a double standard that everyone knows, but few are brave enough to ...

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Social media may be affecting your sex life

Written by Terrance Johnson, Staff Writer If you are spending too much time on social media, it is possible that you are not having as much sex as you would like to. According to leading sex experts, studies show that an unhealthy fixation on social media can prove to be detrimental to your sex life. One reason that this is ...

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Blazers united against Union

Written by Jyrell Wynn, Staff Writer         As the season goes on, the Valdosta State volleyball team continues its run as they defeat West Alabama. With a score of 3-1, the Blazers are rallying for a spectacular season as they prepare for their upcoming matches. Union continues to struggle as the season goes on with another defeat to Shorter University losing ...

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Valdosta ranks high on STD list; miseducation to blame

Written by John Preer, Editor-in-Chief The city of Valdosta has made it to the top 100 of a list that not many are proud of.  Valdosta shared this precarious honor with other Georgia cities including Albany, Augusta, Columbus and Macon.  According to the Center for Disease Control, Valdosta comes in at 87 in a list of the top 100 sexually ...

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Current COVID-19 Stats for Valdosta State University

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