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Samsung has an explosive debut

Written by Bryce Ethridge, Staff Writer With the government’s recent recall of the Galaxy Note 7, the internet has been filled with memes of people enjoying the new iPhone and others worried about the Galaxy Note 7 exploding. Much like most other technology products these days, the Galaxy Note 7 is powered using a lithium-ion battery, which is rechargeable by ...

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Credit cards help and hurt: 18-year-olds should mind dangers of reckless spending

Written by Cynthia Papailler, Staff Writer College students quickly learn that college is a very expensive endeavor. Students are told that by the time they graduate they will be buried in debt from loans. Many college students complain about the lack of financial education they receive prior to coming to college. So when a credit card offer comes in the ...

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Curtis breaks record

Written by Juston Lewis, Staff Writer Alyssa Curtis is more than a record holder for VSU Soccer, she’s an anchor. Curtis recently broke the record for most saves in a single game with 14 against Georgia College “I had no idea about the record,” said Curtis. It wasn’t until after the game, at the team dinner that Coach Nolin informed ...

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Trigger warnings help: VSU does not require warnings

Written by Hunter Terrell, Circulation Manager The Chronicle of Higher Education submitted an article late August in regard to the University of Chicago’s lack of the trigger warnings and intellectual safe spaces. The dean of students at UC, John Ellison, signed off on a heavy-worded letter stating that the university has no use of “trigger words” and does not stray ...

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Airpods new way to use iPhone

Written by Evelyn Dunn, Staff Writer Apple’s long anticipated iPhone 7 does not have the audio jack and the EarPods provided can only be hooked up through a separate port. Apple is offering another option, the AirPods, but they come at a hefty price. When the new iPhone 7 is purchased, there are a variety of things that come in ...

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Athletes are getting overheated in practice

Written by Juston Lewis, Staff Writer Every summer, athletes in the south are subjected to practices in scorching temperatures. These temperatures range anywhere from the high 90s to the low 100s, and can be detrimental to the health of the players. The symptoms include confusion, dizziness and fainting. What makes matters even worse, players often do not realize these symptoms ...

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Zika wave crashing into Georgia: Nationwide epidemic diagnosed in the Peach State

Written by Tiana Foster, Staff Writer As of Sept 12, 2016, there have been 80 confirmed travel-related Zika cases in Georgia. The virus was initially discovered in Uganda in 1947 and its presence in the United States was confirmed May 2015. Traveling to South and Central America, Mexico and the Caribbean could put people at a risk of infection. Although ...

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Football wins sloppy game over West Florida 40-28.

Written by Kyle Dawson, Sports Editor  Head coach Kerwin Bell decided to start Roland Rivers at quarterback against West Florida, but he quickly brought in Adam Robles after about three minutes. VSU won the game 40-28, but there is still no clear starter at the position for VSU. “I thought he had a better week of practice,” Bell said. “Roland’s just got ...

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Blazer loss leads to QB competition ahead of UWF

Written by Juston Lewis, Staff Writer Last Saturday, Blazer football fell to the University of North Alabama 44-19 in the team’s first conference game. The stats were not indicative of the final score. The Blazers had 433 total yards while UNA only had 369. The Blazers also won the possession battle and scored five of the six times that they ...

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Current COVID-19 Stats for Valdosta State University

Check the current number of cases on the VSU campus here!