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Disabled parking labeled a problem

Disabled Parking violations are an issue that VSU traffic and parking enforcement deal with on a continual basis. According to Sergeant Carolyn Glock of the VSU Police Department, although the problem does occur here on the VSU campus, it is minimal. Parking violations include disabled parking fraud, making use of a disabled hang tag or permit registered in someone else’s ...

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Working out the numbers

The weekly SGA meeting this past Tuesday reflected the struggles of its new members to find their feet, as the only issue debated was whether or not to spend roughly $300 on pizza for a Senate Retreat on Sunday. The first order of business occurred when the vice president, Dericka Powers, tried to get volunteers to enlist for the Parking ...

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Athletics recap

VSU athletics had its share of successes and shortcomings in the past week of both non-conference and conference play. Blazers football kept up its undefeated run improving its record to 4-0 with a win against Southern Arkansas on Saturday night. The offense produced 415 total yards of offense, 252 on the ground and 163 through the air. David Bailey, running ...

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‘Moneyball’ comparable to 90’s baseball classic, ‘Major League’

Everyone likes a good underdog story. Just think about all the past sports movies that stick in your memory as classics: “The Replacements,” the never-ending underdog story of the “Rocky” movies and then the always hysterical “Major League” franchise starring the infamous Charlie Sheen as the wild man pitcher. How strange that the part he played there somehow continued on ...

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PopAddict: Vampires, drama, murder trials abound in weird news

This has been one crazy, long week. Hello, Thursday and cheers to Friday! I’m too ready for the weekend. I need some me-time, seriously. Besides that, can anybody tell me what the heck happened to that brick island in front of Hopper? One day, I’m walking around the thing then poof! It’s gone, just like that. Anyway, who knows with ...

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Busines Bites: Providing cheap, convenient eats

Seven years ago, Business Bites was just a small trailer behind Pound Hall providing students on VSU’s North Campus with cheap and affordable food. The Students in Free Enterprise made the decision to build Business Bites to cater mainly to students on North Campus, keeping students from leaving the campus just to eat. According to one of the faculty advisors ...

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Classic comic strip comes to life

Six students performed “You’re A Good Man, Charlie Brown” on Sept. 24, taking the audience out the Fine Arts Building and into the Schulz County Schools to experience a day in the life of Charles Schulz’s “Peanuts” gang. The college student cast undertook the challenge of acting in a sold out performance with an audience ranging from children to older ...

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Professors not fulfilling job roles

I am sure that every college student can relate when I say that there are some professors here at VSU who will have you wondering why they are teaching; not because they cannot teach, which some can’t, but because some of them almost take a strange sense of pride in students failing their courses and tests. Now some of you ...

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Soccer burns competition

Women’s soccer coach Melissa Heinz paid tribute to her team’s fighting spirit this past week after the Lady Blazers got back to winning ways, picking up two 1-0 victories against Christian Brothers and Delta State. After suffering two tough defeats a week earlier in Tampa, Heinz was understandably pleased with the response from her team. “Anytime you lose a game, ...

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Get realistic about dating

To be faithful today is like finding a dog that won’t chase a cat. You find a dog that won’t chase a cat and I’ll show you a person who doesn’t cheat. Now, if you live in a fantasy world where Disney’s fairy tale endings are your perception of how every guy you’re into is supposed to be then STOP ...

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Current COVID-19 Stats for Valdosta State University

Check the current number of cases on the VSU campus here!