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People Poll: How do you feel about cuts to HOPE and Pell awards?

“I am worried about paying for college later with the HOPE and Pell grants being cut because right now those are the two things that are mainly paying for me to go to school. Along with an academic competitiveness grant and a small loan. I’m trying to avoid loans at all cost, and with the HOPE and Pell grant cuts ...

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Lady Blazers to close season

The marathon that Coach Kiley Hill alluded to earlier in the season is winding down and his Lady Blazers are hitting their stride coming down the stretch. The Lady Blazers will travel to Pensacola, Fla. today to take on a 10-14 West Florida squad.

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Food vendor gets canned

They say, “Don’t bite the hand that feeds you”. Well VSU didn’t bite that hand, but it will send it away and hire a new one.   After five years of serving as the primary food vendor for VSU, Sodexo’s contract was not renewed. Starting in May, Chartwells will take over serving the campus’ food.   According to Sodexo General Manager, ...

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The world has passed U.S. students by

 In these days of tiger-mother hysteria about raising children with academic backbone, President Barack Obama has weighed in with yet another cause for paranoia. The president dropped India and China into his State of the Union speech, just long enough to say they are educating their children earlier and longer.  Generally, school days are longer in Asian countries, and vacation ...

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Faculty senate to discuss course eval policy

 The Faculty Senate will meet today at 3:30 p.m. in the UC Magnolia Room to discuss online teacher evaluations, possible revisions to the outdoor lighting policy, and waiving a policy relating to returning students, among other business.  As of Fall 2010, all VSU classes began to use online teacher evaluations, known as Student Opinion of Instructions.  This has become a ...

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Visitation policy for on-campus residents to change

 VSU Hall residents are going to see big changes with the visitation in the fall, and some aren’t too pleased with it.   On Monday, on-campus residents received an email from the Director of Housing and Residence Life, Thomas W. Hardy announcing the new visitation policies that will begin Fall 2011.  The new policy states “Hopper Hall will house only upper-class ...

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VSU pursues purchase of Ashley Cin­emas

 Ashley Cinemas, one of two movie theater complexes in Valdosta, will be purchased by VSU’s Auxiliary Services Real Estate Foundation if a proposal to the Board of Regents and foundation’s board of directors is accepted.   “The purchase would have to be approved by the foundation’s board of directors as well as the Board of Regents,” said John Crawford, vice president ...

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