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Gas Prices Are Rising: Blame it on the Pandemic

Gas prices at Murphy Express on Inner Perimeter set at $4.19

Gas prices in Valdosta, Georgia have been increasing as a result of the fluctuating supply and demand for oil since the start of the COVID-19 pandemic with the addition of the effects of Russia’s War on Ukraine. Valdosta locals and VSU students have all been paying the price to drive. However, gas is not the only resource that has been ...

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Ukraine and Russia: An Ongoing Crisis

On Feb. 24, Russia has officially invaded Ukraine, causing a major crisis in Ukraine. A week later, many citizens are still trying to escape from the attacks, leaving with only what they can carry and a hope that they can get out safely. However, there are many events leading up to Russia’s invasion. Ukraine has a rich and complex history, ...

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Annual Azalea Festival Comes Back to Valdosta

The 22nd Annual Valdosta-Lowndes Azalea Festival will be making its comeback at Drexel Park this upcoming weekend from March 12-13 to share and celebrate the culture of South Georgia. The Annual Azalea Festival is a community event where people from all over are invited to support local businesses and enjoy the festivities that the region has to offer. The festival ...

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Opinion: VSU’s revised policies grants a step in the right direction

On Feb. 23, the University Policy Administration sent an email with an updated version on new or revised policies.  The policies include a revised non-discrimination and anti-harassment policy that adds gender identity and expression being protected by the policy. It also replaces binary and non-inclusive language in the policy.  VSU’s non-discrimination policy protects students and faculty of differing disabilities, race, ...

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COVID-19 Update for VSU Students

VSU updated its active number of COVID-19 cases reported on campus from Feb.7 through Feb. 11 and there had been only nine reported cases between students and faculty. According to South Georgia Medical Center, adults between the ages of 19 and 29 has the highest rate of positive COVID-19 cases at 22.83%. Due to the decrease in active COVID-19 cases ...

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Demolition of Converse Begins after Five-Year Vacancy

The demolition of Converse Hall Annex has begun after a five-year vacancy. It was rumored that there was asbestos founded in the building; however, this is untrue. In the pre-demolition asbestos inspection in Sept. 2018, Regulatory Compliance Services reported no discoveries of asbestos containing materials in Converse Hall Annex. Alan Sanderson, associate director for facilities planning, said this space was ...

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VSU revises two university-wide policies

Students and faculty have been informed by an email sent from the policy administration at Jan. 25 of the modifications made on the anti-harassment and non-discrimination policies. These policies included adding gender identity and expression and other groups of individuals and changing the binary and non-inclusive wording. The policy changes included the additional categories of individuals that were not mentioned ...

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Valdosta Police Department sees a crime decline in Valdosta

VPD is being rewarded with a slow but steady decline of what is considered “part one” crimes such as aggravated assault, battery, rape and larceny. These examples are not exhaustive, but they do include categories, which have seen a definitive decrease in frequency. VPD has recovered $1,663,187.00 of stolen property and has fewer requests for service in what is statistically, ...

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Representing VSU as Senatorial Aide at Capitol in Atlanta

Greetings, VSU Blazers. My name is Jenyla Brown, and I am a sophomore political science major with a concentration in journalism. During the 2022 Georgia Legislative Session, which also happens to be a “special session”, I will be interning with the Georgia General Assembly. The Georgia General Assembly is within the Georgia State Capitol, also known as “The Gold Dome”, ...

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Tremaine Jackson named new Blazer football head coach

Herb Reinhard, VSU’s athletic director, announced the new head football coach for the Blazer’s on Monday Jan. 3: Tremaine Jackson. Jackson is VSU’s first ever Black head football coach, and the 11th head coach overall. He will inherit a Blazer program with high expectations fresh off a loss in the Division II National Championship.  The Blazers have won four previous championships, most recently winning in 2018 against Ferris State, 49-47. The Blazers have won those four championships with three different coaches.   Jackson comes from NCAA Division II, Colorado ...

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