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Semester comes to end Summer arrives as stress reliever

By: Jessica Cooke It’s finally here, the moment every VSU student has been waiting on—the end of the semester. This part of the year is best described as bittersweet; for there is the week of finals approaching, students graduating, going home for the summer, and transferring for the next school year. Although the end of spring semester in tales a ...

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Fall break in, dead day out

By: LaShawn Oglesby After months of deliberation, the issue of VSU’s academic calendar for the year 2015-2016 has been resolved. The final decision was made by VSU President William McKinney last week. The calendar will include a four-day finals week for fall and spring semester, a three-day Thanksgiving break and a two-day fall break. There will be no dead day ...

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A new order for SGA

By: Joe Adgie The Jimerson administration passed the torch to the Barker administration on Monday night. SGA President Tyler Barker was sworn in at a ceremony in the Student Union, which also served as the final SGA meeting until August. Before he was sworn in, however, outgoing SGA President Will Jimerson had some final thoughts for his past year in ...

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Sanfoka celebrates graduates

By: LaMarcus Wilkerson The African American Studies department will be hosting their thirteenth annual multicultural graduation ceremony on May 9 in the Student Union Theater at 7 p.m. The celebration has been ongoing since 2000 and will continue to honor this year’s graduates. However, the AFAM department extends its invitations to all students. Calvin Walker, assistant professor of African American ...

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Not all internships should be paid

By: Neil Frawley The question isn’t “should internships be paid?” It’s “should all internships be paid?” The answer is no. Get beyond the notion that a degree equals a job, and a paying one, too. This isn’t our parents’ generation. The job market is flooded with degree holding post-graduates with good enough GPAs and enough extracurricular activities that make it ...

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Decorated graduation caps express individuality

By: Jessica Ingram As graduation approaches, the craft stores in the area will begin to get a rush of college students getting prepared to participate in the tradition of decorating their graduation caps. Some schools have initiated a ban on the popular college tradition. So the question is, should graduates be allowed to decorate their grad caps or is it ...

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