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Georgia Army National Guard Recruits at VSU

The National Guard office opened on VSU’s campus on Oct. 1, 2019. The previous Battalion Commander, Col. McDougal, came up with the idea of opening the office because the National Guard offers state tuition assistance for public universities. He took his idea to the Board of Regents, who then took the idea to multiple universities in GA. The resources that ...

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Board of Regents Ignores Recommendations to Change Problematic VSU Building Names

Buildings on VSU's campus named after problematic historical figures

The USG Board of Regents decided against renaming more than 70 building across the university system last semester that are named after those who partook in slavery, oppression, anti-Semitism and supremacy. Five of these buildings are located on VSU’s campus, including residence halls. They are Ashley Cinema, Brown Hall, Langdale Hall, Lowndes Hall and Patterson Hall. The buildings are named ...

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The BA.2 Omicron Variant

A new variant of the infamous COVID-19 Omicron strand, now accounting for the resurgence of COVID, has begun to spread and is now named The Stealth variant. This strain now makes up 12% to 20 % of the diagnosed cases, and it has doubled in the last few weeks from a minor contributor to being one of the most dominant ...

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Blazers down Flagler, 9-5, in midweek showdown

Offense just comes so easy to this Blazers squad. After winning the weekend series against Mississippi College by throwing 26 runs up on the board, Valdosta State put another nine runs up against the visiting Flagler College to take the one-game meeting 9-5. The Blazers took the game despite a rough start from the pitching staff. Sophomore starter Scott Curran ...

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Pete Pihos’ legacy lives on at VSU

People from all walks of life traverse these VSU halls. While they may all seem like everyday students, faculty and staff, you may never know whether your dance professor is just somebody with a master’s degree, or say, a direct descendent of a professional football legend. The latter is the case with assistant Professor of Dance at VSU, Melissa Pihos. ...

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The act of queerbaiting: Why is it so bad?

If you spend any time looking at the Tweets and Instagram posts for your favorite shows and movies, queerbaiting is probably a term you’ve heard before. Queerbaiting is a trope often found in entertainment industries where creators will allude to an LGBTQ+ character or same-sex relationship without ever depicting it in their content. It is often used as a tactic ...

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‘Turning Red’ causes parents to wave red flags

“Turning Red” was released March 1 on Disney Plus, immediately earning millions of views from all ages. The movie is based in Toronto, Canada and follows 13-year-old Chinese-Canadian, Mei Lee, where she becomes a red panda when she can’t control her emotions. The movie shows the struggle of growing up in a traditional family while balancing family honor and honoring ...

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Dixie Cream Donut Shop is a fan favorite in Valdosta

A locally owned and operated donut shop is located only one mile away from campus. Have you been? Dixie Cream Donut Shop is located at 804 North Oak St and is open from 6 a.m. to 2 p.m. Monday thru Friday, 6 a.m. to 1 p.m. on Saturday and closed on Sunday. Original glazed, cinnamon rolls, crème- filled, sprinkles and ...

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VSU baseball takes 2 of 3 against Choctaws

The No. 19 VSU baseball team rode its wave of momentum into Clinton, Mississippi, over the weekend. While they secured the series win, they lost the second game of the series, snapping their six-game winning streak. In a high-octane weekend full of runs, both VSU and Mississippi College crossed home plate seemingly at will. Game 1: 11-6 On Saturday afternoon, ...

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Gas Prices Are Rising: Blame it on the Pandemic

Gas prices at Murphy Express on Inner Perimeter set at $4.19

Gas prices in Valdosta, Georgia have been increasing as a result of the fluctuating supply and demand for oil since the start of the COVID-19 pandemic with the addition of the effects of Russia’s War on Ukraine. Valdosta locals and VSU students have all been paying the price to drive. However, gas is not the only resource that has been ...

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