Interested in Working for The Spectator?

Are you interested in working for The Spectator?

The Spectator is the independent student newspaper of Valdosta State University. We are a student organization on campus with 3 faculty advisors, the rest of the staff is entirely students.

There are multiple facets that make up the Spectator, as a result, our staff includes writers, photographers, editors, graphic designers, mobile app designers, marketing and advertising staff. If you’d like to become a part of the Spectator team, please let us know!

We encourage people from all concentrations to make inquiries, not just journalists.

1) Sign up for the Spectator class (JOUR 2500), or contact editorial advisor Ted Geltner at


2) To become involved with the Spectator’s multimedia, web, and social media staff, you can also contact advisor Keith Warburg at


3) Call the Spectator newsroom at (229) 333-5688.


4)To become involved with the Spectator’s advertising and marketing team click here

We are always interested in hearing from new talent!