The Spring 2014 Spectator Staff

WillEditor-in-Chief: Will Lewis

Will has been with the spectator for three semesters and is starting his first semester as Editor-in-Chief. In his time at the paper he has served as Managing Editor, and assistant Managing editor. He looks forward to pushing the Spectator to cover harder and more complex issues. After graduation he wants to move to Boston and then to South Africa as a reporter. Weird fact! His favorite food groups are of the gummy worm and bourbon variety. ­­








Managing Editor: Olivia McLean

From Queens, New York, Olivia began her career at the Spectator two semesters ago as a staff writer before progressing forward to Copy Editor. She is looking forward to “Progression! And producing interesting issues for the Spectator.” After she serves her time at VSU she hopes to man the helm of a magazine as editor. Weird factoid about the new managing editor is that she was homeschooled in the fourth and ninth grades!







HillaryFeatures Editor: Hillary Straba
Hailing from Albuquerque, Hilary has worked with the Spectator for a single semester previously working as assistant Features editor. She says that, “While I am excited about working with the new staff this semester, I am also looking forward to graduating in May.” After that she plans on pursuing a career in publication. A weird fact, she plays the musical saw!  








ElanOpinions Editor: Elan Waite
Another New York native, Elan is from Brooklyn. She has been with the staff for only one semester, but during that time she served as assistant Opinions editor. She looks forward to discovering interesting topics and getting to know the rest of the staff. Her current goals are leave the country before she graduates, get a dog and learn to play an instrument! Weird Fact: She is scared of frogs. 







EricSports Editor: Eric Jackson
On staff for three and a half years, Eric is from Roswell, Ga. In his early years he served as assistant sports editor and climbed the ladder to his current slot. Eric is thrilled to present another semester of exciting Blazer coverage, and aspires to advance his career in media after graduation. Weird thing about Eric is that he puts water in his cereal. 








John StephenCopy Editor: John Stephen
A Valdosta native, John just began his first semester as copy editor. He looks forward to gaining work experience as a journalist and hopes to one day become a globe-trotting reporter. John loves Zaxby’s and will always accept a nibbler sandwich if offered. Weird Fact: no one should try to bribe John with nibbler sandwiches!








SummerPhoto Editor: Summer Yates
All the way from Miami, Summer is a new addition to the Spectator staff. She says that she looks most forward to the apocalyptic sounding “end,” or graduation. She hopes to one day travel and work for a photography magazine. A budding novelist, Summer also hopes to write novels, specifically, three. Her weird fact is that she grew up in Germany.






BeckaMultimedia Editor: Rebecka McAleer
Seven-semester veteran Rebecka McAleer is back as Multimedia Editor. From Macon, Georgia, she draws her inspiration and enthusiasm from fellow divas Julie Andrews and Emma Thompson. She enjoys Disney movies and pork fried rice, and wants to see the Spectator become a real voice for VSU students this year. McAleer wants to be Meryl Streep when she grows up.








JoeSocial Media Editor: Joe Adgie
Adgie is from Hampton, Ga., and has been a staff member since spring 2012, when he worked as a freelancer. He has also been a multimedia editor. “I look forward to setting out my bold plans for the Spectator’s social media presence, and I also look forward to going back home to see my fiancée, Anna, and our son, Alec,” Adgie said. Joe’s goals include working in the D.C. political sphere or in auto racing. His quirks are too many to list!








John PreerWeb Editor: John Preer
John has been on staff for one and a half years, and during that time has held assistant positions to Features and Social Media. He looks forward to continuing his work with the rest of the staff. After college he would like to continue in the field of journalism, gaining respect from his peers. His weird quirk is that he loves pickles and ice cream….together!









Advertising Manager: Aimee Napier
Napier is from Thomasville, Ga., and for the past 3 ½ years, has been an assistant advertising manager and production manager. She plans on buying a house this year and utilizing it for ministry. There are a lot of ideas that she has come up with. “One is [building] a campus for men and women coming out of [county] jails, prisons, boot camps, rehabs, etc. to receive spiritual counseling and mentoring, to teach them how to create positive futures and rebuild their families,” she said. Another is to reform how government regulates prisons and the Department of Children Services.