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SGA appropriates funds

The SGA Senate heard a proposal from Alpha Phi Omega and executive and committee reports in their meeting on Monday, April 19. The senate also attempted once again to pass a community service bill. Samuel Logan, a representative from Alpha Phi Omega, presented the organization’s request for SGA to help fund a movie night for Child Abuse Prevention and Awareness ...

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CAB’s comedy show a success

Last night’s VSU CAB comedy show was a success thanks to famous comedian and host Lil’ Duval, opening act Bflat, and headliner Gary Owen. CAB committees such as comedy/coffeehouse, late night, special events, and the VSU SGA came together donating $20,000 in order to bring the comics to campus. Everyone seemed to feel host Lil’ Duval was perfect for the ...

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Rant and Raves: April 22, 2010

“So excited that the pedestrian mall is finally finished outside of Odum and the Student Union. It looks great! I love all the new updates to campus because it makes our campus more beautiful.” –Ashlyn Horney, sophomore speech communication major “I am so glad that the walkway in front of the library is now complete. I hated not being able ...

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People Poll: How do you prepare for finals?

Melvin Black senior history “I just cram everything in and stay up all night.” Bola Akinkanju junior nursing “Staying in the library.” Kris Henderson sophomore education “I don’t, just go in there and wish myself luck.” Katherine Shaurette junior business marketing “I pull a lot of all-nighters the night before exams and I cram a lot; been doing it for ...

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They’re the predators; you’re the prey

Throughout April, the counseling center has tried to spread awareness about rape and sexual assaults with signs all over campus. Some of the numbers presented should be enough to scare most people into being cautious but, then again, I don’t think being aware of the danger is the problem these days. We’re all aware of the danger. We’re just ignoring ...

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SGA elections reach majority vote without a winner

The news is on nearly every student’s lips, and tensions are nothing short of palpable. Meanwhile, the excitement is reaching all time highs as conversations heat up over the rare SGA run-off… Wait. This all seems eerily familiar. It must be due to that fact that last year’s SGA elections also resulted in a run-off. The SGA election results were ...

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A look into epic movies of the past

Movies have been around since the turn of the 20th century, evolving from silent black and white pieces of art to the colored, 3-D visual experiments of today. Opinions differ on what is the best movie of all time. The American Film Institute gave the following list of the top 10 films: 1. Citizen Kane 2. The Godfather 3. Casablanca ...

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Oh the events around the Earth Day

Today around the world people are rejoicing in nature by observing Earth Day. When it comes to global awareness, Earth Day is the most important day of the year for people concerned about issues such as global warning and pollution. Traditionally, Earth Day is celebrated by planting trees and being energy efficient. However, for people who are more active about ...

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Poetic Magic aims to inspire

Last week here at VSU, students celebrated National Library Week. Odum Library hosted a series of events to help promote reading and learning at an early age. One of these events included Read Fest 2010. This annual event in its fourth year was hosted by Odum Library along with the College of Education and took place last Friday on the ...

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Jesse and Tiger are sounding the same, Kate G. leaves the star dancing game

Well Blazers, after a small hiatus, Pop Addict is back, and it has been such a juicy time in Hollywood! In case you’ve been living under a rock, Sandra Bullock and Jesse James are officially splitting due to his affairs with numerous women, but most notably Michelle “Bombshell” McGee. According to Fox News, the main thing that kept Bullock from ...

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Current COVID-19 Stats for Valdosta State University

Check the current number of cases on the VSU campus here!