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SGA debates use of faculty-staff committees

 The SGA meeting Monday was dominated by a discussion concerning the placement of senators on Faculty Senate committees.  The discussion ended in a small debate between the senators and the executive board. Demario Jones, SGA president, was concerned about the absence of senators on the faculty staff committees. Senators are supposed to represent the student body when university issues are ...

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Flu vaccine now available at SHC

 Students will soon be able to receive a flu vaccine from the Student Health Center for $10.  The vaccine will be available starting on Sept. 29 from 9-11 a.m. and 2-4 p.m. and by appointment.  The flu vaccine will also be available to VSU faculty and staff after Oct. 22 by appointment for $20. The SHC is also organizing a ...

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Fresh start program to help smokers

 From Staff Reports  The American Cancer Society is hosting a free program in conjunction with Campus Wellness for VSU faculty, staff, and students to offer group support for smoking cessation.  The Fresh Start program will consist of four classes, which meet once a week. The classes start on Sept. 27 and will be at 1 p.m. in the Student Union ...

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UNICEF to host charity tournament

 Soccer is the world’s sport. And on Oct. 8, the Society for International students will host a two-day UNICEF soccer tournament on the Front Lawn.  United Nations International Children’s Emergency Fund is an agency devoted to promoting the welfare of children and their needs. UNICEF currently helps over 115 developing countries and has a steady focus on providing emergency relief ...

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Inconsiderate students: cough up dough

 Courtesy is a topic that needs to be addressed at VSU. An important issue that seems to be lacking courtesy is keeping appointments at the Student Health Center. We know almost everyone has made a doctor appointment at some point in their lives. And although sometimes people have a legitimate excuse to miss  an appointment, it’s not okay to simply ...

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People Poll: Do you wish VSU had its own football stadium?

Harrison Pratt sophomore political science major “Oh yeah, definitely.” Golden Scott  junior public relations major “It really should by now.” Chris Thomas  graduate student sociology major “Oh yeah. I can’t believe they don’t have one.” Kerry Murphy junior music education major “It’s a shame we don’t have one. It’s ridiculous.” Kyle Helms sophomore computer science major “Definitely yes!.”

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Mercenary origin disappoints

 “Metroid: Other M” is a 2D action game that was released for the Wii video game console on Aug. 31. As the eleventh game in the Metroid series, the original having been released in 1986, “Metroid: Other M” allows gamers to take on the role of Samus Aran, a female bounty hunter.  Fully clad in armor and a helmet, the ...

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Experience before marriage

 You are 18, ready to the embrace adulthood. A certain someone has stolen your heart, filling your head with thoughts of marriage and happily ever after.  Being married and going to college or jumping into the working world, your life seems just a little more perfect. Then, you start growing up more, meeting new people, learning new concepts, and fully ...

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Heed Nature’s Calling

 With fall right around the corner, the Georgia sun has finally moved far enough away that one can tolerate being outside for longer than eight seconds.  With this in mind, one can travel to areas beyond the reaches of Remerton and $5 covers. As a personal experiment, I decided to see what was nearby.  So, my random destination turned out ...

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Bloo Woods: developing career in photography

 Edrick “Bloo” Woods, junior mass media major, is an up and coming photographer at VSU.  Woods began photography in high school. However, he did not get serious with it until 2009 when he was able to save enough money to buy the camera he wanted.  Woods’ mother, a former model, raised him around photography all his life.  “My inspiration comes ...

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Current COVID-19 Stats for Valdosta State University

Check the current number of cases on the VSU campus here!