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Structuring your academic career for the job world

After graduating college, some may find themselves to be in the job-hunting rut. You have a degree, but have difficulty finding the place that is best suited for it. Regardless, students should be prepared for the job world, even if they do not find one right away. College years are the hallmark for finding yourself—to figure out what you’re passionate ...

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Crisis management: how to stay calm

Hurricane Irma is still fresh in the minds of Floridians and Georgians alike. Natural disasters can rip through communities and destroy people’s livelihoods. When basic resources become limited, people begin to panic. Here are a few ways to keep a cool head when the unfortunate aspects of life hit us head on. Have patience Whether it’s waiting in line for ...

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Student Judicial Council looking for applicants

All VSU students received an email from student affairs soliciting an application for a spot on the Student Judicial Council on Wednesday night. The Judicial Council is a mandated group of students who are appointed by current members of the council and the Assistant Dean of Students, Sherolyn Hopkins. The council is composed of 11 students who represent the voice ...

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Students can spot ‘Happy Period’ on campus

Happy Period is an organization that provides and receives donations to help women in need of feminine products.  The chapter was originally founded in California by Chelsea VonChaz. VonChaz first got the idea to do something about this issue when she passed a homeless woman on the street. She had on bloody undergarments and was clearly menstruating. VonChaz went to a ...

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Freshmen fifteen: how to eat to lose weight

We’ve all heard about the freshmen 15: the 15 pounds you gain in your first semester of college. The meal plans and all you can eat buffets at the dining halls can be hard to resist. But even the upperclassmen who are trying to lose weight and keep it off don’t have to stop eating the foods they love. Although diets ...

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Campus Carry is Now in Effect

Written by Alex Dunn, Campus Life Editor Photo courtesy of WCTV This month started off with a bang when the new Georgia House Bill 280, also known as “Campus Carry”, was taken into effect on July 1. The bill was proposed earlier this year to frequent and controversial debate. The campus carry legislation is meant to affect the University System ...

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‘ANTM’ ditches age-limit

Written by Alex Dunn, Asst. Features Editor Tyra Banks announced that the long-time show “America’s Next Top Model” has ditched its age requirement, meaning aspiring models young and old can audition to be on the show. Banks announced the show’s change in an Instagram video on April 1, officially removing the age limit, which was 18 to 27 years old, ...

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How to: Apartment Hunting

Written by Alex Dunn and Darla Dunning In order to choose the right apartment for the right price, students must take many factors into account. Students should consider the most convenient way to get to classes when they live off campus. The apartment should be within walking distance or close enough to make a quick drive to save gas. Various ...

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Indestructible Nokia makes a comeback, snake included

Written by Alex Dunn, Asst. Features Editor Nokia released a new version of its seemingly indestructible phone, the 3310, which is based off a model that hasn’t seen the light of day in nearly two decades. The company has taken the back seat over the years, occasionally releasing newer models to compete in the rising demand for smartphones. Now, the ...

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Campus support for the student parent community

Written by Alex Dunn, Asst. Features Editor Getting through college as a regular student is hard, but raising a child while maintaining good grades is even harder. Some colleges and universities offer a helping hand by providing childcare services and programs. Valdosta State University had these programs in the past, but they were discontinued. Dr. Vincent Miller, vice president for ...

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Current COVID-19 Stats for Valdosta State University

Check the current number of cases on the VSU campus here!