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Nintendo tries new venture with “Miitomo”

Written by Carlius Williams, Staff Writer Nintendo’s first smart phone game app, “Miitomo,” has been gaining quite a bit of popularity over the past few weeks. You can link Facebook, Twitter, and Google + to it if you do not have a Nintendo account. The free to use app allows customize your own “Mii” character in the Nintendo universe. The ...

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Defense shines in the VSU spring game

Written by Carlius Williams, Staff Writer There was a sense of urgency on Saturday at VSU football’s spring game. This team seems to have what it takes to win it all. On the field it seemed like a battle of two championship-caliber teams. One was the defense, which was relentless and had multiple pick sixes. The secondary was not to ...

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Pro/Con: Are new, stricter voter ID laws more protective or restrictive?

PRO Written by Meaghan Bitters Asst. Advertising Manager Georgia is one of nine states with strict voter laws that require photo ID. Georgia’s voter ID law enforces strict photo ID at the polling place. If the voter doesn’t have the required ID, he or she has to vote on a provisional ballot, and the voter has three days to return ...

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Is it time to change the way America treats drug-using citizens?

Written by Carlius Williams, Staff Writer Over the past decade, America has changed its tune on certain drugs, but people are still ending up in jail for these substances more than ever before. Is it time for America to change the way it treats drug-using citizens as well? A report from the National Center on Addiction and Substance Abuse stated that 65 ...

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Ten years ago, top singles were both annoying and addicting

Written by Carlius Williams, Staff Writer We take a look back at the music that topped the Billboard Music Charts 10 years ago this week. Bad Day – Daniel Powter “Bad Day” was initially recorded in 2002 but due to finding a label situation was put it on hold. “Bad Day” was a pop single featured on Daniel Powter’s debut ...

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In need of groceries fast? Amazon uses drones to deliver groceries

Written by Carlius Williams, Staff Writer Amazon is about to eliminate the strain of shopping and loading grocery carts. The big thing in recent technology is drones, and Amazon is about to change the grocery game with their new grocery-delivering robots. They have plans to expand Amazon Fresh to include delivery by drones. The drones will not be like the ...

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Uber tries new venture

Written by Carlius Williams, Staff Writer Many would think of Uber as the taxi service of the internet. You open the app on your phone, the app shows you where you are, and where their drivers are, and then you order the car which you’d like to ride in. These days, Uber is working on a new campaign. Uber is ...

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Keep cable, or jump in the stream?

Television is more dependable Written by Meaghan Bitters, Staff Writer With all of today’s streaming, people may wonder if they should cancel their cable subscriptions. While streaming sources like Netflix, Hulu and Amazon Prime are great, there are a few concrete reasons to keep your cable. Cable television allows you to watch certain channels such as ESPN, MLB, NFL, E!, and ...

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Sean Penn’s interview with El Chapo justifiable

Written by Carlius Williams, Staff Writer Is El Chapo a master drug dealer or grand champion at hide-and-seek? He was born Joaquin Guzmán Loera, is a Mexican drug lord who is known for evading police and has even escaped jail a couple times. His last escape was through a mile-long hole in the bathroom of his cell that led to ...

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Twitter extending tweets to 10,000 characters?

Written by Carlius Williams, Staff Writer Earlier this month, Twitter CEO, Jack Dorsey released some news that almost broke the Twitternet— Twitter would make tweet limits 10,000 characters. Way too much for current Twitter users such as myself, there are certain apps that already allows users to tweet more than 140 characters such as Twitlonger and Medium, but only a ...

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Current COVID-19 Stats for Valdosta State University

Check the current number of cases on the VSU campus here!