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Top casual games for college students

With finals week coming up, students are looking for ways to relax. Here are the best cozy and casual games for college students to de-stress with! Included are prices, platforms the game is available on, and genre!   1. Stardew Valley   Price: $14.99  Platforms: Computer, Switch, Xbox, PlayStation, Mobile   Genre: Farming, Simulation   Stardew Valley is the top ...

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Microsoft introduces more affordable gaming with a catch

If you don’t already own a game console or if you’re still a generation behind, here’s a well-known fact: game systems cost a ton. Do you want any newly released games after already emptying your wallet? You’ll need to wring out another $60. Luckily for the United States, Microsoft’s decided to make peace through their new service Xbox All Access.   The perk of Xbox All ...

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Editorial: A call to action in wake of Jacksonville shooting

For the umpteenth time this year, news of a mass shooting passed across our TV, smart phone and computer screens saying two or more were killed with twice as many injured. It’s a problem America has yet to solve but not one simply confined to the availability of guns. David Kratz, 24, killed two people—gamers—and injured 11 others with a ...

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