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Few hail to the future chief

While people are interested in the GOP presidential nomination race, a search close to home has VSU looking at a different type of candidate. VSU has been putting the VSU presidential candidates through their paces with interviews, meetings, and public speeches. The student attendance was minimal at the speeches. At Dr. Bill McKinney’s speech event, the room was filled, but ...

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Tying the knot, gay or not

In light of Tuesday’s landmark decision by the California Supreme Court, I am reminded of a comment by a female friend who once had this to say on gay marriage: “Why should straights be the only ones to suffer?” Apparently California gays will be allowed to suffer matrimony first hand, now that the state’s appeals court decision to declare the ...

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Gaze into the galaxy

When Galileo first peered through his looking glass to view the stars, could he have imagined that future generations would be able to see the stars projected on the ceiling of their homes? While he may not have been able to envision this future advancement, this is essentially what is happening in the Planetarium in Nevins Hall. Winter Stargazing, the ...

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Local business bears new artistic mural.

Students who drove down Baytree Road may have notice a very new addition to the nearby scenery. John Gay, a former VSU student and owner of the novelty shop Divided By Zero hand painted a very impressive artistic mural on the side of his shop just off Baytree Road. Check the slideshow below for some picture of John Gay painting ...

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Separating church and state

The religious leanings of our politicians are almost as prevalent as their stand on the issues – which are often impacted by their religious beliefs.

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The union’s in need of help

President Obama opened his annual State of the Union Address with a lesson in cohesion, working together and having one another’s back. He pointed out that the heroes coming back from Iraq and Afghanistan had to work together in order to accomplish their goals; a recurring theme throughout the speech. While his words rang true and loud, a portion of ...

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New scholarship honors teacher of 67 years

A new scholarship, for students in need, honors a life-long educator and her son. At a post-lunch convocation, Dr. Louis Levy announced the Ruby and John Sullivan Educational Scholarship and awarded Sullivan the fourth President’s Medallion to be awarded at VSU. The scholarship announcement is in conjunction with the renaming of the Valdosta Literacy Center to the Ruby R. Sullivan ...

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GOP race becomes a farce

Like characters in an Agatha Christie novel, the GOP presidential hopefuls are falling one by one as the primaries get underway. It’s been an interesting race that has had its share of gaffs and hilarity. The first to go was Herman Cain. His campaign was plagued by claims of sexual harassment by a number of women that had worked for ...

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Enforcement or exploitation?

If you aren’t angry, then you aren’t paying attention. That’s what I have been saying for the last two weeks in light of the law enforcement abuses across the country. Let me bring you up to speed. At the University of California – Davis campus, students were peaceably protesting as part of an Occupy movement. When the protesters sat down, ...

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Tough economic times lead to a DIY Christmas

With the current stranglehold on the economy, many people are looking for budget friendly gifts to supplement their buying needs for the holidays. A quick internet search helps find where the deals are, but what if the prices are still over your budget? Do-it-yourself gifts go back to a time when mass production was yet to find its way into ...

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Current COVID-19 Stats for Valdosta State University

Check the current number of cases on the VSU campus here!