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Horoscope: Love Forecast 4/20 – 4/26

What’s in your Love Forecast for this week? Monday, April 20 – Sunday, April 26, 2015 Taurus: April 20 – May 20 The sun will be in your sign for several weeks, and this marks your yearly personal New Year. It’s a time to focus on improving your life, your work, and your romantic situation. Don’t allow toxic people or ...

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Horoscope: Daily Forecast 4/20/15

What do you have in store for your future? Check this out to see…. Today’s Birthday (04/20/15). Home and family take priority this year. Budget for renovation after 6/14. Profit from new work opportunities. Slow, patient efforts avoid errors. Humanitarian and community projects satisfy. Study subjects that benefit your career. Release unhealthy habits. Savor a romantic breakthrough after 10/13. Schedule ...

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Horoscopes: Daily Forecast 04/09/15

Today’s Birthday (04/09/15). Love is your key to success this year. New partnership profits, while realizing an impossible dream. Prepare to perform, and give it everything. Springtime fun leads to summer adventure. Study a subject up close after 6/14. Explore uncharted terrain. Take advantage of work changes after 10/13. Find renewed confidence after 10/27. Play with beloved people. To get ...

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Horoscopes: Love Forecast April 6-12

What’s is the air for you this week? Monday, April 6 – Sunday, April 12, 2015 Aries: March 21 – April 19 — Your partner is dying of boredom, only he or she is too polite to tell you. Uranus, planet of innovation, urges you to shake things up a bit in the bedroom. If you think you’re the world’s greatest ...

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Horoscopes: Daily Forecast 4/6/15

Today's Birthday (04/06/15). Play your game full out this year. Practice. Involve family. Romantic passion and partnership blossom over springtime. Plan an educational journey for launch after 6/14. A shift in your work after 10/13 opens new directions. Late autumn planning leads to winter changes, forged from new clarity on your mission. Ask for your heart's desire. To get the ...

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Pop Addict: ‘TIDAL’ waves for streaming music

Written by Kayla Stroud, Web Editor enTIDALed celebs coming to collect your coins Hollywood A-listers have come out in support of Jay Z’s new business venture “TIDAL”—a supposed new and innovative streaming service that is slated to offer consumers “better quality sound.” The whole thing comes off as some ploy to get more money.  Which you can’t even hate them ...

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Horoscopes: Daily Forecast 3/27/15

Today's Birthday (03/27/15). Love, romance and fun take priority this year. Soul-search and set intentions. Plan and organize, especially before April, when a partnership levels up and the action intensifies. Open a new door in your studies and research after June. Travel may be involved. New work opportunities lead to personal discovery after October eclipses (10/13 & 10/27). Pursue excellence. ...

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Horoscopes: Daily Forecast 3/23/15

Today’s Birthday (03/23/15). Dreams come true this year with help from friends and family. For the next three months, it’s easier to save money. Thoughtful introspection reveals a hidden passion. What to learn? Plan a magnificent summer adventure with someone special. Polish your image before October eclipses (10/13 & 10/27) illuminate your work. Play full out, and reap rewards. Share ...

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Horoscopes: Daily Forecast 3/16/15

Today’s Birthday (03/16/15). Fulfill bold ambitions this year. No playing small! You can do great things with a great team. You’re especially strong after the Vernal Equinox eclipses (3/20). Plan and coordinate your collaboration over springtime before a busy summer. Navigate a financial turning point after autumn eclipses (10/13 & 10/27) with help from a partner. Together, you can make ...

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Current COVID-19 Stats for Valdosta State University

Check the current number of cases on the VSU campus here!