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VSU flasher still at large

 Public indecency has returned to VSU and several locations off campus as a persistent flasher, believed to be the same man who exposed himself at the Fine Arts building last month, continues to be a problem in Valdosta.  The VSU Police Department reports that there have been four incidents on campus, five if you include Drexel Park, of a black ...

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Financial Responsibility: The real world is coming. Get ready.

Wake Up Call Halloween may be over, but the true nightmare continues to lurk in the shadows and slowly make its way toward unsuspecting college students nationwide. No, it isn’t Freddy Krueger or Jason Voorhees (though you shouldn’t rule them out just yet). I’m talking about the unavoidable, unfeeling monster known as financial responsibility.  Currently, most college students have a ...

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Five must see horror flicks: movies to die for

 If there is one thing Halloween does well, besides getting women to willingly walk around half-naked, it’s taking us out of our mundane lives for a few weeks. A good scare gets all the right bodily juices flowing, especially if it involves a severed arm courtesy of an axe-wielding psychopath. With only a few more days left in the season, ...

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Obama won: Give Peace a Chance

You have got to appreciate irony; from the Nobel Peace Prize results causing great controversy to people arguing over something that they really don’t care about. It’s as if we are just puppets on a string and a two-year-old is pulling on them. Be honest with yourselves, Blazers. How many of you actually care about the Nobel Peace Prize Award? ...

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Survival of the luckiest

Wake Up Call by Kenny Bush  Darwin believed that natural selection was based on a species ability to survive and reproduce. I have a simpler theory:  Luck.  A few weeks ago, I was standing at the intersection of Patterson and Georgia Avenue waiting for the pedestrian crossing signal to appear so I could safely complete my escape from campus. On the ...

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How to survive when the zombie apocalypse comes

Kenny Bush Staff Writer krbush@valdosta.edu   The zombie apocalypse is no laughing matter…well, it kind of is. However, the moment it isn’t will be the same moment when monsters that you once knew as your roommates and peers are making a lunch out of your intestines.  Before that happens, you might want to take these tips into consideration.  First, you need ...

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DegreeWorks now online

Kenny Bush Staff Writer krbush@valdosta.edu  The Oasis Department encourages students to use DegreeWorks, a new web tool that will help both students and advisors monitor their transcripts and progress towards degree completion.  DegreeWorks is a new advising system that the university bought from SunTrust, the same company that created Banner. The implementation of DegreeWorks was recommended by the University System ...

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Congress: America’s biggest day care center

By Kenny Bush  The last few weeks have been an unsightly mark in the history of American politics. What’s even worse is that most Americans don’t even realize how bad it has gotten in D.C. To the majority, interrupting a country singer’s VMA speech is more of a travesty than interrupting the Presidentt of the United States before congress.  That’s ...

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SGA discusses new women’s sports

Kenny Bush & Jasmine Hicks jshicks@valdosta.edu The SGA met on Monday to discuss future plans for two new women’s sport teams and a new sports complex, as well as address future elections. At the beginning of the meeting, it was announced by Morgan Alexander, comptroller for the SGA, that VSU was in violation of Title IX of the Equal Opportunity ...

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Warning to the wise: This article will kill you

By Kenny Bush According to the gossip and hand sanitizers I have noticed on campus, students seem to be pretty concerned about the H1N1 virus and its appearance on campus. It’s amazing that this one virus has done more for cleanliness and hygiene than STDs and pregnancy have done for protected sex. Then again, swine flu isn’t picky with who ...

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Current COVID-19 Stats for Valdosta State University

Check the current number of cases on the VSU campus here!