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Odum Library lends books digitally to e-reader users

 Despite increased availability of electronic reading applications and devices, library circulation numbers are still on the rise at Odum Library. � When asked how many books have been checked out this year compared to previous years, Interim Librarian Dr. Alan Bernstein said, “As many as ever.”  “I know it bucks the system right now for most academic institutions but the ...

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Small tuition increase, large concerns

Editor’s Note: April 20 — The graphic by Jacob McWhorter that ran alongside this article in the April 19 issue of the Spectator was created using information from VSU Financial Services’ Tuition and Fee Schedules webpage. The costs therein represent the total estimated cost of attendance for in-state and out-of-state students for two semesters including tuition and fees for 15 hours of ...

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iPad 4G now available in tech shop

 The iPad 4G reached the shelves of the Tech Shop last Friday boasting improved features, the option for more gigabytes and a $499 sticker price. � According to Casey Stokes, a sales associate at VSU’s Tech Shop, the iPad 4G differs from the iPad 2 in three major ways including the new retina display with its higher quality screen resolution, ...

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Students take early vacation

The highly anticipated spring break tends to leave the classrooms bare as some students opt to skip out on Friday classes in order to jumpstart their spring break plans. On average, students report seeing a 30 percent decrease in class attendance on the days prior to their spring vacation. H owever, some students fear leaving early because of scheduled exams ...

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USG bill may ban illegal immigrant students

The House Higher Education Committee met on Jan. 31 to discuss the bill that would ban illegal immigrants from attending all public colleges in Georgia. House Bill 59, sponsored by Rep. Tom Rice, was proposed last year to prevent illegal immigrants from taking seats at Georgia colleges away from those students who are here legally, according to an article published ...

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Coffee shop gets spiked

Starbucks Coffee Company will sell beer and wine in Atlanta, Southern California, Chicago and Pacific Northwest area stores later this year. Customers expressed a desire to have more options for relaxing in an evening setting. “We recognize the importance of continuously evolving with our customers’ interests, lifestyles and values in order to stay relevant over the long term,” a company ...

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Organization fair brings groups forward

The pedestrian mall was buzzing with activity during the Spring Organization Fair on Wednesday afternoon as a multitude of VSU students passed from table to table to gather information on various campus organizations. Among the organizations that participated in the event were fraternities and sororities, religious communities, community service teams and special interest groups. Many of the organizations who set ...

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Dress code, nonsmoking campus talk are hot buttons at SGA Town Hall

The Student Government Association discussed several issues including the possibility of students voting to implement a tobacco-free campus policy and student dress code during Wednesday night’s Town Hall meeting in Jennett Hall. SGA Vice President Derika Powers voiced concerns pertaining to the excess of smoking by the academic halls. “Currently there is a policy that restricts smoking within twenty feet ...

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Anticipated building might be no more

VSU struggles to gain financial support for one of its latest projects, the construction of the Health Sciences and Business Administration building. Georgia State Representative Amy Carter, who is working with the House and Senate leadership to try to get the building in the state budget, said the HSBA wasn’t actually cut out of the budget but did not make ...

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Current COVID-19 Stats for Valdosta State University

Check the current number of cases on the VSU campus here!