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Lighting up freedom

Written by: Stephen Cavallaro   Marijuana is lighting up the media once again, as supports for the legalization of the plant get fired up for future elections. Last year, I discussed how Washington and Colorado were the birthplace of a revolutionary breakthrough conceived in the name of freedom, when the sovereignty of these states chooses to allow the use and ...

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Government keeps bees ‘buzzing’

This editorial was written by Stephen Cavallaro   Throughout South Georgia, honey production is a vibrant industry. In Lowdnes County and every year the Honey Bee Festival, promotes appreciation for local manufacturing of honey and honey bee related products. While consumers are increasingly mislead to purchase and consume “fake honey,” a pollen-less concoction of corn syrup and artificial sweeteners marked ...

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Has the war on drugs ended?

Affirmative Written by Stephen Cavallaro   The “war on drugs”: a frivolous campaign waged by the U.S. government in order to promote the prohibition of illicit drugs and end the drug trade through foreign military aid and military intervention. This skirmish has incurred trillions in national debt and has sacrificed the lives of the innocent since 1970, and while the ...

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Campus-wide art show continues

Written by Stephen Cavallaro   Monday, the VSU Fine Art Gallery showcased over a hundred student-submitted works to the public at the VSU Student Art Competition review.   The exhibition was one of three presented by the Fine Arts Department each year.   Chairman Alan MacTaggart of Georgia Regents University judged the event that featured over 205 submissions from 77 ...

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GSA hosts “Gay-mazing” Race Scavenger Hunt

Written by Stephen Cavallaro   On Monday, The Gay-Straight Alliance held a game night from 8:30 p.m. to 9:30 p.m. in the Student Union Ballroom 1 to promote bonding amongst members.   This game night featured the Gay-Mazing Race—a scavenger hunt in which teams of four assembled and set out to cover 15 checkpoints scattered around campus. Ten checkpoints were ...

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Keep shale at home

Written by Stephen Cavallaro   While bureaucratic protests flare over the supposed environmentally hazardous Keystone XL Pipeline Project, preventing the harvest of an abundant supply of crude oil in northern North America by U.S. companies, a different source of domestic energy prevails. Shale gas, a copious natural gas in the United States, is being drilled for by British-owned utilities company ...

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SGA: “Our job is to better VSU”

Written by Stephen Cavallaro & Joe Adgie   Despite maintaining a budget of over $17,500, SGA adhered to the warnings of fellow senators during a meeting on March 4.   It happened after the RAs of Centennial Hall requested $1,000 for food for an upcoming carnival, despite already having a budget for activities.   Senator Yannick Gill discussed the danger ...

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Butterball mistreating turkeys

Written by Stephen Cavallaro   The life of a Butterball turkey is simply a series of torment and agony.   As you take your place at the dinner table to gorge yourself with over-processed brutality, do you take a moment to realize the crusade faced by the creature that lays before you?   In the words of former Indian nationalist, ...

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Fireworks: Beautiful and toxic

Fireworks, a tool used to invoke everlasting memories during celebrations worldwide, contain harmful chemicals that are detrimental to both humans and the environment. Such toxins have the potential to remain within the environment for great periods of time. Chinese officials have apprehended the extensive use of fireworks just in time for the Chinese New Year celebrations. The reason for the ...

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Maintaining the image of control

With the rise in different media outlets in exchange for information, it is easy for individuals to misrepresent themselves unconsciously. Earlier this week, a Georgia federal jury convicted former VSU president, Dr. Ronald Zaccari, of violating the due process rights of former student Hayden Barnes. Barnes was expelled from VSU in 2007 due to his involvement in a protest against ...

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Current COVID-19 Stats for Valdosta State University

Check the current number of cases on the VSU campus here!