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Sit and Stand: A new way to help crutch users

Photo Illustration: Kayla Stroud/THE SPECTATOR

Written by Julia Rodriquez, Staff Writer

Many people who have used crutches have had a number of complaints and problems. Traditional crutches can leave irritated red patches of skin on your underarms, they can be quite tiring to use, and they make it difficult to do anything with your hands.  Luckily for those injured, life will become much easier and the healing process less painful because of Sit & Stand.

Sit & Stand is a device that assists people with leg, knee or ankle injuries walk and get around.  What makes this device so special is the fact that it is hands free.  No more sores under the arms, no more struggling to grab or hold something and getting so tired may not be a problem any longer.

The Sit & Stand functions by attaching to the leg both at the thigh and ankle.  Once attached, the individual is able to walk around, use their hands, carry objects that are not too heavy and even walk up and down stairs.  In addition, this device also functions as a seat for an individual to take a break and rest on should they become tired.

New technology or devices always seem to cost a lot, but with Sit & Stand, the price tag will not keep you from the comfort and efficiency you desire.  Sit & Stand is made with many of the same materials as traditional crutches, and you only have to buy one, not a set.  Therefore, the price is similar, if not lower than that of traditionally used crutches.

The development of Sit & Stand began with studying how old versions of crutches worked, where they began, and the problems associated with them.  The biggest issue with traditional crutches that users had was the inability to easily use their hands.  This became the focus in making a new kind of crutch.  In order to achieve this, the crutch must be attached to the injured leg.  This means the device must be lightweight and not cause any pain.

Additional things that had to be kept in mind during the creation of the Sit & Stand were suitability for both genders, adjustability to fit different sizes, affordability, a person’s ability to balance while wearing it and comfort.

Unfortunately, this device is not yet out for consumers to buy.  The creator was a student by the name Behzad Rashidizadeh of the Industrial Design College for Creative Studies.  Currently the Sit & Stand is mostly on paper however when the device is released, it will change the way people heal.

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