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Christmas being commercialized

Written By: Tierra Francois

Every time you turn on your television now you see commercials about Christmas, even when it is still November.
After Halloween passes, stores change their merchandise to Christmas and Thanksgiving attire and advertise upcoming sales. People are looking forward to the sales instead of spending time with family and friends.
According to www.debate.org, 82 percent of people say that Christmas is too commercialized.
We are losing sight of what Christmas should really consist of. Many families do not have a Christmas dinner anymore because they want to be first in line to be a part of Christmas sales.
Not only is it too commercialized, but it is somewhat forgotten as well. Older rituals like reading the story of the birth of Jesus is not done anymore. When opening gifts, many children get upset or even cry because they do not like what they received.
This is the time to reevaluate ourselves and families about the true meaning of Christmas.

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