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Additive Noise

A blog and column dedicated to introducing readers to different artists and genres from all over, brought to you by Rebecka McAleer.

Futuristic meets classical in new video game soundtrack

Written by: Rebecka McAleer Welcome back to Additive Noise, your #1 source for music you probably haven’t heard before. Old music, new music, strange music — it doesn’t get any stranger than today. This weekend I went to the store and traded in some old video games for credit to buy new ones. One of the two that I picked ...

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Additive Noise: Playlist of the week

by Rebecka McAleer Hello my faithful readers! Like many of you, we at the Spectator were not really impressed with the Miley Cyrus/Robin Thicke performance at the 2013 VMA’s. In retaliation (and to save the rest of our week), we have compiled a playlist of the music we remember seeing on TV as children and teens. Ladies and gentlemen, we ...

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Charges and chewing gum

Welcome back, students! We’re charging up for a new semester, and we’re seeing a lot of new changes this semester. From a new Wi-Fi system for the campus to a new title for myself, (multimedia editor) everything’s getting stirred up around here. What better way to start off fall 2013 than with the energy to levitate? Today’s song is one ...

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Additive Noise: Farewell GNTV, hello new semester!

By: Rebecka McAleer Welcome readers to the final chapter of my journey with GNTV Media Ministry. Dallas, Texas, was where I was finishing up my last job of the summer before I head back to school. This week I ran graphics for the 25th Annual Conference for Black Clergy Women. There were preachers there from across the country! They’re one ...

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Additive Noise: Meet the GNTV Crew

By: Rebecka McAleer By now, you’ve heard me talk about all of the many people I work with. So many names, how do I differentiate them all? Who ARE these people? What makes up an A/V crew? Never fear, dear readers—the answer to that question comes now. Skippy: Skippy is the CEO at GNTV. He’s been working in the business ...

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Additive Noise: Whitewater Rafting and Dessert Pizza

By: Rebecka McAleer Welcome back, readers! Today I’m being boring, sitting in the office working on some mass duplication. But never fear!—I have some fun stories for you nonetheless! After leaving the South Georgia Annual Conference, there was one last annual conference on my list for this summer: Kentucky. The Kentucky Annual Conference is held in Covington, Ken., which is about ...

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GNTV: Travelling from Oklahoma City to Macon, Ga.

Hello readers! So much has happened since my last posting! Today I’m in my hometown of Macon, Ga. for the South Georgia Annual Conference. An “annual conference” is a yearly meeting of a Methodist Church district. Each church sends a clergy (an official or “ordained” pastor) and a lay (non-pastor) delegate from their home church or Methodist organization, and they ...

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GNTV: Introduction

Hello everyone, I’m Rebecka McAleer from the VSU Spectator. You may know me as author of the ‘Additive Noise’ music column, but this summer I’ll be doing something different. In my downtime during the summer I take the opportunity to work for a traveling media production company called Good News Television Ministry, or GNTV for short. GNTV is the official ...

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